What's New around here?


Hey haven’t played fire pro in a while or been around here. Got lost in red dead.
What’s new? Looks like a lot of the mods have been updated to 2.0. Anything else? It’s hard to keep up lol.

  1. A lot of mods moved over to 2.0.
  2. We’ve had a few custom move competitions, with some interesting moves being created.
  3. justinp307 continues to release custom parts at a ridiculous pace.
  4. NAWC just finished its set of April 1980 shows.


Thanks! I’m looking at some of the custom move competitions now. All the submissions are excellent. I wish I knew how to use Wazamake every time I tried to do stuff with it I ended up crashing it.


Here’s the secret - Wazamake always crashes. You just learn to save a LOT.


I don’t know if the problem in wazamake is us or spike lol


Wazamake can be tamed. If you get into the habit of only selecting certain menu items and avoiding all others, uninterrupted progress becomes a likely prospect.


I think you’re being a little generous. You can get a feel for things to avoid, but I’ve had Waza crash when I’ve clicked items I need to click once too many. I think it’s still best to just save save save and save some more.


While I also suggest frequent saving just to be on the safe side, and to always make sure you aren’t overwriting the wrong files, I’m not sure what some of you guys are doing with Wazamake to get all those crashes.
Because, in all my time using Wazamake it has only crashed twice. Both crashes happened within the first month. And I’ve experimented with pretty much all aspects of the tool at some point.

Maybe it’s hardware limitations? RAM issues? Or you have too much other stuff running at the same time?


Yep, I’ve had a couple of crashes, but they were a long time ago and I almost never get them now. If you get frequent crashes with the Unity pop-up telling you to contact the developers, you have too many moves installed.


That probably is the case. I’ve been meaning to go back and remove moves from the old movepack as I create new ones. Honestly, at this point, I really only use 1.02 for Waza, so I could probably uninstall all of them.


That’s exactly what I did on 1.02 when I moved to 2.0 I got rid of all the custom moves and all the custom parts on 1.02…


Yep, if you’re using wazamake it’s a good idea to at least unpatch all the custom parts while you work with it. I was running into crashes caused by memory issues caused by too many custom parts; unpatched them and haven’t encountered any further issues.

And if you’re using 2.0 anyway, you should just unpatch everything and delete the old moves.