Using the Entrance DLC

Does anyone plan on getting the new DLC? If so, how do you plan on using it? I like it overall, but my biggest issue is that it’s no better than the modpack. Belt parts are added to edit attire options so you can’t put the strap on someone without going to their edit and actually strapping them up. SMH.

I never used that part of the modpack because the thought of going back and putting the belts ON my champions each time the belt changes hands was a pain to me. But I guess there’s no other way. Anyone have a defined way they plan to set up attires for entrances (like attire number 4 is always the entrance attire?) What about belts? Does anyone have a defined way of doing it or do you just edit the belt on each time?

The belts function a lot better than modpack belts. They have a back, adhere to the geometry better. I have manually edited them on in modpack, so no change in situation. Title changes are rare by design in my little universe.

Way it works is you get to set a slot as your entrance attire slot. It’s tied to venue. So you could have 2 attires and 2 entrance attires that are linked, and different per venue. Least thats my impression so far. Havent had a ton of time with the dlc.

The entrances and new venues are cool, if you’re into that sort of thing. Spent $20 on lunch yesterday, so buying DLC was a no-brainer.

Seems to be worse than the ModPack when it comes to Entrance Attires, one slot is used across all costumes so you can’t make an entrance attire for each one. Belts are just parts that you need to manually add and remove when championships are won/lost; I like the ModPack’s addition of an actual Champion Attire that gets used when you’ve won a belt, so you can just set it once and it will be used appropriately.

A handful of parts are included (title belts, some shirt logos for the back, two collars). I never found the generic custom belt parts useful so I’m not excited about the official parts either; I usually just select an actual belt (NWA, WWF, IWGP, etc) if I’m going to bother with it.

The entrance options seem to be fun if you want to play around with them, plus it comes with 3 Venues (the Gym specifically has great customization potential) and Promotion/Stable logos. I don’t think it’s worth the asking price, but I’m sure there will be a sale at some point.

Honestly if you’re not really interested in the Entrance Customization options and already use the ModPack, it doesn’t seem very useful outside of the logos and venues.