Unity Folder Rollback?


Hey. Thanks for all of this up front.

I have a copy of the base pre-2.0 game isolated, and saves to go with it.

What seems to be foiling me is the Unity folder in AppData. Tried rolling back with little success. Any way I can get that one folder, pre-2.0? Seems like that’s what is thwarting me.

Thanks again.


You need to patch in the ModSuite Save Data option using the PWGR patcher. This will bypass the default save directory completely and allow you to access a 1.02 save game from your .\ModSuiteData\ folder.

If youv’e already updated your save file, there are backup files in your appdata folder. You should have several of them, and the most recent one will be your 1.02 data from just before you updated to 2.0.

You can copy that backup file to your .\ModSuiteData\ folder and rename it savedata.dat in order to get the game to load.


Thank you. Got it sorted.