Tychoma's Resources [Arenas, Nameplates, Custom Images etc.] AEW, ECW, WWF, WWE


You can always find the most recent (uploaded) versions of my files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NvW6zQURGqPgCXpec_28FolqRpuLT70W

I will be updating this thread as time goes on with new uploads, and photos of the existing uploads that are available to grab from the drive. Some of these pictures may not always be the most up to date (the versions on the drive will be as good as or better than what is depicted in the screenshots).

AR00 - Big Garden Arena

  • AEW All Out Credit for the awesome barricades to @trza49er as I couldn’t get my head around them!


  • AEW Double or Nothing Credit for the Poker chips and the initial idea The Cadaver


PWG Globe Theatre Los Angeles


I’ve also made a version of the Globe Theatre (above) without PWG branding, which is probably more useful to most:



Any chance you’d be able to make the Globe theatre for PWG?


Oh shit that looks amazing… I have no idea! If you can link me some good footage of it I’ll see if it could fit on one of the arenas in the game. Not promising anything though! What I’ve seen has a tonne of lighting, and that can make it difficult to cut and match from different angles. Fyter Fest was kinda low budget in nature which helped me slap together some elements from various sources.


all of your stuff is great and exactly what I am looking for! Thank you so much!!! Any chance you are going to make an attitude era Raw nameplate?


How do I get the custom stage textures to work? Do I need another mod enabled? Like for the AEW arenas, the sides of the stage show the customs, but the main stage area is still showing the default.


My guess is that you are talking about entrances. The arena textures don’t go over the main stage during entrances for some reason.


Added a PWG arena


Are you going to make an AEW All Out arena texture?


I probably will make All Out at some point, it didn’t seem too different from what I’ve made already, maybe a change of lighting colour and add the signs to the barricades.

It might be a few weeks or more before I try. I’ve not been playing or modding too much lately because of big life changes, depression etc.

I’d like to make it before the TV show starts.

me and trza49er just collaborated on All Out. It’s in the original post!


AEW Dynamite


Nameplates are rushed…


Thank you so much doing Dynamite and All Out!!!

Hope you are doing okay with the life changes and depression.