TWA Results, May 1980


TWA Presents: POWER!
May 14, 1980; Frankfort, KY

Bad News Brown vs. Iceman Parsons

Not satisfied with beating up Iceman Parsons backstage, Bad News Brown wanted to do it in the ring as well. Iceman had a few flurries of offense, but this one was mostly Bad News, who put the match away with an enziguiri.

Bad News Brown d. Iceman Parsons by pinfall (7:30, Match Rating: 83%)

An official report from TWA Management declared that a tournament would be held to determine the #1 contenders to the TWA Tag Team Titles. The first round would take place tonight!

The Fantastics vs. The Blackjacks

The first match of the tournament pitted the speed and strength of the Fantastics against the power and aggression of the Blackjacks. Once again, Fulton and Rogers impressed the crowd with their skills…and once again, it came to nothing against the much tougher Blackjacks. Lanza locked the Iron Claw on Tommy Rogers, and that was all.

The Blackjacks d. The Fantastics by submission (18:48, Match Rating: 90%)

After the match, the Moondogs rushed the ring and started attacking the Blackjacks! Once the Moondogs were hauled away by security, Lanza had to be helped to the back.

TV Title Match: Gino Hernandez © vs. Chris Adams

The former two-time champion asked for a rematch, and after considerable griping from the champion, he got one. While Gino didn’t think he should have to face the Gentleman again, he wasn’t about to back down. Adams nearly surprised the champ with an early superkick, but Gino survived the pinfall attempt and then wore down the younger, less experienced Adams. Both men brought out the heavy artillery, but it was a dive back elbow drop that sealed the deal for Hernandez once again. After the match, both men were given a standing ovation.

Gino Hernandez d. Adams by pinfall to retain the Televsion Title (13:20, Match Rating: 100%)

Adrian Adonis and Jake Roberts met in the ring to air their grievances. Roberts still considers both Ricky Steamboat and the Heavyweight Title to be “his,” while Adonis doesn’t like “The Snake” trying to push the top contender out of the title picture. Heated words were exchanged, and it led to a challenge: next week’s main event will see Adrian Adonis taking on Jake Roberts!

The Moondogs vs. Midnight Express

This one got nasty in a hurry, as one might expect from the Moondogs. There was ruthlessness, there was blood…a chair even got involved early in the matchup! The Moondogs had matters well in hand until Blackjack Mulligan jumped out of the crowd and pulled Rex off the ring apron! The two of them started brawling wildly, leaving Spot alone to face the Midnights. Dennis Condrey hit a legsweep facebuster—right on a chair!–for the pinfall.

Midnight Express d. The Moondogs by pinfall (20:43, Match Rating: 74%)

When the show returned after a commercial break, the Wild Samoans were in the ring. They declared that it didn’t matter who won the tournament, because the belts would be staying with them.

Ricky Steamboat vs. Tully Blanchard

The evening’s main event saw these two do battle in a non-title match. Both men still gave it their all, though, going blow-for-blow and move-for-move. Blanchard caught a lot of attention with his skill and resilience, but in the end it was a flying cross body from the champ that finished the match. After the bell, Steamboat and Blanchard shook hands.

Ricky Steamboat d. Tully Blanchard by pinfall (16:03, Match Rating: 96%)

TWA Presents: POWER!
May 28, 1980; Frankfort, KY

Hercules (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs. A Ninja

A very quick affair, with Hercules locking on the Full Nelson for the win.

Hercules d. A Ninja by submission (2:52; Match Rating: 53%)

Chris Adams vs. Rick Martel

Rick Martel continued his struggles, and couldn’t seem to string his offense together. Adams took advantage and sealed the victory with a Superkick.

Chris Adams d. Rick Martel by pinfall (8:44, Match Rating: 77%)

After the match, Downtown Bruno came back out to address Martel. He praised Martel’s skill, but pointed out the one thing that Rick still needed to be a success: good management. “With a top-level manager like me in your corner, we’ll turn your career around and send you rocketing straight to the top!” Martel didn’t answer, but clearly seemed to be thinking about it…

TV Title Match: Gino Hernandez © vs. Tommy Rogers

Tommy was hoping to turn his tag team misfortunes into singles success as he challenged for the Television Title. While Tommy’s skills were impressive, the champ’s were even better. Gino controlled most of the match, and eventually put Rogers away with a flying body attack.

Gino Hernandez d. Tommy Rogers by pinfall to retain the Television Title (12:17; Match Rating: 86%)

The Blackjacks vs. Midnight Express

The finals of the tag team tournament got underway with a bang, and none of the four men held anything back. Wild brawling, high flying, technical mastery—we saw it all. And we REALLY saw it all late in the match, when Blackjack Lanza was pulled off the apron and attacked by the Moondogs! With a weakened knee, Lanza couldn’t fight them off, and not even the tough-as-nails Mulligan could stand up to both Midnights. Eaton hit a stomach crusher on Mulligan for the win, securing a title match against the Wild Samoans at Overload.

Midnight Express d. Blackjacks by pinfall (21:10, Match Rating: 83%)

Backstage, Ricky Steamboat was asked his opinions on tonight’s main event. He said he’d be watching, as both men had the skills to be contenders, and the attitudes to be dangerous.

Adrian Adonis vs. Jake Roberts (w/ Gary Hart)

Adonis brought the brawling; Roberts brought the mind games. It seemed like any time Adonis got some offense going, Jake would do something strange to put Adrian off balance. He never stayed that way for long, though, and quickly was back on the attack. The end came when Gary Hart got involved, pulling at Adonis’ leg when he came off the ropes. When Adrian went to confront Hart, Jake capitalized with an attack from behind, a high angle body slam, and a victory.

Jake Roberts d. Adrian Adonis (19:19; Match Rating: 71%)

Once the bell rang, Hart joined Roberts in the ring, and then they both started kicking at Adonis! This brought out Ricky Steamboat, who made the save and drove way the villains. Ricky helped Adrian to his feet…and Adonis responded with a vicious lariat that nearly knocked the champion out of his boots. “I don’t need no friends,” Adrian shouted, and walked away.

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