Trza49er's Arena Textures

Been meaning to consolidate my stuff for awhile, so I thought it was about time. I mostly concentrate on the eras that were the nearest and dearest to me, namely late 80s/early 90s WWF and WCW. I went a little over the top with some of the WCW textures, those might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I just wanted a more immersive feel to them. Anyway, here’s the link to my Drive. Enjoy!

***I used Tychoma’s Double or Nothing and Summerslam '92 textures as the base for most all of these Big Garden Arena stage files. Thank you man!

UPDATE 6/11/20

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom

WCW Saturday Night '92

AEW Arena Pack!!! Tychoma’s Dynamite Stage texture is the base for all 3, big thanks as always to him for sharing and being cool about it. His chandelier thingy and entrance tunnels are so good, I decided not to waste my time trying to replicate them. I appreciate it man, thank you.

AEW Bash at the Beach

AEW Full Gear

AEW Revolution

Fall Brawl

Road Wild

Halloween Havoc

Bash at the Beach

Spring Stampede

NJPW Starrcade '92
*The rails and scaffolding lights in Tokyo Dome will sometimes revert to the default for whatever reason. If this happens, back out to main menu and try again. I actually ended up just replacing the default rails with the blue via UABE, problem solved for me but not everyone may want the permanent change.

WCW Saturday Night

Starrcade '97

Starrcade '89

Wrestlemania IX (3 versions available)

In Your House


These are great man, I’ll be using all of these when I get back into FP.

Thanks buddy, really appreciate all your help.

Man this is all so beautiful

Thanks bud, I appreciate that. Kinda got burned out on these but I’ve been getting the itch again. Still need to finish Fall Brawl, Great American Bash and Superbrawl at some point. Glad you’re enjoying them, makes it worthwhile.


I dont do real life wrestling re-enactments but even for me who only does original stuff, this is all pretty great and comes in handy (i just remove the company logos and viola)

Please keep it up!

This is great stuff. I am still kind of new to the mod life but can these be used for other arenas?

No, you can’t mix and match arena textures. If something was made for Big Garden/SCS/etc. then it’s only valid there.

NJPW Starrcade '92

Ring Apron link'92

Turnbuckle - Cylinder
Ring Mat - B Type
Corner Color - (99,195,255) (255,255,255) (255,255,255) (255,0,0)
Post Color - (99,195,255) (99,195,255) (255,0,0) (255,0,0)
Rope (0,0,0)
Mat - (99,195,255) (255,255,255)
Apron - (10,33,132)

Starrcade '97

Ring Mat'97

Corners: 252,254,44
Ropes: 0,0,0
Posts: 0,0,0
Apron: 80,90,110