[TOOL] Edit Part Viewer

Probably finally time I posted this on here since parts craft just came out.

This is an external tool I made ages ago where you can load up edit part spritesheets and change the angle so you can easily get a good look at whether or not custom part angles line up with each other without having to load up the game’s edit creator (Although the in-game one only previews the first row of angles, where as my tool previews them all). Should work with all part types.

You can use the arrow keys or the on-screen buttons to change the angles. Load, Refresh and Reset are pretty self explanatory. Auto-Update will refresh the preview whenever changes are saved to the file that is loaded if you don’t want to keep having to press ‘Refresh’ over and over (I recommend setting up a Photoshop Action to save and overwrite a WIP file when working on it so all you have to do it press a key combo and it’ll save and update in the part viewer). Always On Top will ensure that the Part Viewer window will remain on top of all other windows even when it’s not the active window. Lastly the box next to that is the background colour picker. Useful for if your edit part blends into the background and is hard to see, you can easily set it to anything.

After MANY refreshes, it might run into memory issues, this is still something I need to fix in the future, but if you get an error like that, it’s fine, just close and relaunch it.

Here’s what the UI looks like:

Here’s the download link, add it to your own Google Drive if you want automatic updates:

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very beautiful programme