The WWE 2K19 Thread


Hey guys,

It’s probably a good idea to have a thread to discuss that other wrestling game (jk I like both lol) so anything to do with WWE 2K19, whether it’s just a discussion or showing off creations or whatever you like, can probably just go in this thread for now.


I’m thinking about getting it after XMas when it’s on sale and all the DLC is already out. I’ve already planned out some teams and gimmick changes. It’s funny, on FP I’m an accuracy nut, but on 2K, I’m like fuck it! Roman joins the Corporation. Kane manages a new Ministry. Re-Unite the Kings of Wrestling! Hawkins & Ryder as the Major Powers (Ryder is Savage, Hawkins is Hogan)! Revival, Sarah Logan, & Heath Slater as a Southern team!


I just bought this yesterday and can’t stop playing it. This is by far the best WWE 2k game to date. It feels almost like the old SVR games again.


I bought the Deluxe on PS4 so I got it on the 5th, but so far CAW making is going well and I have a feeling that I’m going to enjoy this year’s game a lot more than 2K18 due to the top secret workaround to get SharePlay to work properly.


SharePlay? Can PS4 somehow get xbone caws now?


No, SharePlay is a PS4 feature that lets you share your screen with a friend in your party and give them a virtual second controller so basically you can play couch co-op games online. SharePlay Universe is the best, it’s basically an online universe mode (which should be a feature somehow anyway tbh lol).


That’s also cool. I’ve been hearing about other games getting cross-play (right word?) and get my hopes up.


Debating if I should get it. The last two years I got it and didn’t play it much at all. So I might actually skip it this year.


I’m the guy who bought a Switch to play 2k18. Yesterday it finally started crashing at startup, and Nintendo let me exchange it for Octopath Traveler. Luckily there are a lot of great games on NS. I will never buy another 2k game after this unprecedented mess. Most frustrating is that it would have been a lot of fun without the literal game-breaking bugs. I stuck with it from release until yesterday.