The Wolf's Den - Timberwolf's Creations


I’ll be posting my creations here so that certain people who are banned at the other place can still see my work.

I’ll slowly port over what I posted at the other place, but for now, here is a new one.

Based on DC Comics Katana, this is Tatsu, a striker heavy on the kicks, but can also fly, hence the name Suicide Dragon.



Made a wood floor in the dojo for lulz.


Sneak preview of a work in progress.

This is Layla Burke, who is the sister of Matt Burke, an edit that I made, but gave to Zealot .

I’ve yet to work on moveset or logic, but Layla will be a tough as nails bitch that loves to fight. She will have 0% distance, if at all, and go right at her opponent without wasting time. The downside of Laya’s offensive assaults is that it does leave her open for a counter attack.

Layla’s story is that while she was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan like her brother, she was more of an Antonio Brown fan. So when the news broke that Brown got traded to the Oakland Raiders, she burned her Steelers jersey and got a Raiders jersey instead. Layla’s brother wasn’t happy about that - LOL.

I know I promised uploads to the workshop of my other edits, but I’m taking Steam offline before the Juniors DLC update drops. Once the mod pack is stable with the new update, I’ll get going on uploads. I may have to update my edits anyways if new parts and moves are added.


My newest tag team called the Crusaders. From left to right, Timothy Clark and James Carter. Timothy is an armwork specialist and James is a suplex machine.

Their gimmick is that they are missionaries who travel from town to town, preaching the word of God. Since they are traveling anyways, they also wrestle on the side.


It’s been a while since I made some edits. But I made two new ones. A pair of Japanese edits as follows.

Despite being bald, Miyuki thinks she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. She uses a variety of kicks to try and defeat her opponent with her finisher being the Beauty Shot (flying kneel kick).

Misao is a rough edit who loves to slap her opponents silly. Her finisher is a shoutei rush, whose name I forget at the moment.

The team is called Ran Gen because I used the random edit generator mod and the name itself sounds like it’s Japanese even though it’s not. I’m not done with the team though. One, possibly two more, edits will be added to the team.