AMBITION is an e-fed that has been in existence since the early 2000’s. Originally founded by Brian Stout, it showcased superstars such as Level, Kodeine, Perfectshawn, Hollywood Adrian Starr, Bullshit, Johnny Bombay, K, and Sonny X to name a few. After a long power struggle Level, a veteran performer and savvy businessman overthrew Brian Stout to and purchased a controlling percentage of AMBITION when its shares went public. In recent years, a former business partner of Stout, Christian Cache, who goes by the moniker Executive Mask was able to force Level and his business partner and former tag partner Kodeine out of the business. With AMBITION being run by Cache, Level has disappeared and Kodeine has been forced to get back into the ring to earn a living.

Despite his conniving ways, Executive Mask went into partnership with several other wrestling promotions to form the AWC (AMBITION Wrestling Coalition) an alliance of promotions that share resources including TV time and talent. Anyone in the AWC can show up anywhere, and the business alliance has been extremely successful with fans clamouring for more.

I probably won’t post every AMBITION thing here. But I think I’ll at least post newsletters. So people can get quick updates if they are interested.