The complete FPW rollback tutorial


Before starting to use this guide, you must check that your PC is configured to:
1-Show hidden folders
2-Display file extensions

If it doesn’t, there are plenty of tutorials online that will show you how to.

Pre: how to know which version of Fire Pro you have installed.
You can check during load screen, at the bottom right corner

Part 1: you have updated and want to roll back


BEFORE doing anything, check Steam is not running. If it is close it now.

Right click on your Steam icon/shortcut, A menu will show up, click on “Properties”. A window will appear, inside the “Target” part write


If text include quotes, you must write it OUTSIDE the quotes. It should look like this:

Now, when you launch Steam, the item “Console” will appear at the right side of the menu.


If you click in the newly appeared “Console” section of Steam, it looks like this

You can write in the bottom box

There you have to paste the following command:

download_depot 564230 564231 3330686146386094800

and hit enter. You’ll have to wait some moments before anything happens. A download will start, but you won’t see it like regular game downloads in the “Downloads” section, you’ll only see the data that usually displays on the left.

There’s definetely something being donwloaded

When it finishes, it’s around 560MB

This download can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\content (supposing you installed Steam in its default location; if not, you will have to go to wherever you installed it). It’s a folder called “app_564230”. Inside it there’s another folder called “depot_564231”; inside it there’s FPW 1.02 data.

Now close Steam. Important, you CAN NOT follow if you don’t close Steam.


Copy all three items of “depot_564231” folder as shown in the previous picture, and paste them inside your FPW game folder, overwriting everything and merging the folder. Again, if you installed it by default, it should be located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fire Pro Wrestling World”.


Now go to
you should see something like this:

There you will find two files: “savedata.dat”, and “savedata_somenumbershere.bak”. In my case the numbers are 006, but in your case may be others. The .dat file is your save file for FPW 2.0, the .bak file is your save file for FPW 1.02. Save a backup copy of both somewhere.

Delete the “savedata.dat” file. Rename the “savedata_[numbers].bak” file to “savedata.dat”. A message might pop-up, warning you about changing the file extension; just go on and rename it.


Now go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps

This is how mine looks; yours may look different, but there should also be a file called “appmanifest_564230”

Open this file with any text editor (WARNING: NEVER EDIT THIS FILE WHILE STEAM IS RUNNING!) and look for the following:

"StateFlags"		"4"      <<< it has to be a 4; change it if it isn't
"UpdateResult"		"0"      <<< it has to be a 0 (zero); change it if it isn't
"AutoUpdateBehavior"	"1"      <<< it has to be a 1; change it if it isn't.
"ScheduledAutoUpdate"	"1"      <<< it has to be a 1; change it if it isn't.

This last line may not be present in your file, if that’s the case simply type or paste it right before where it says “UserConfig”. Beware of capitals and quotes, they are mandatory.


Now for the tiresome part. Go to this link and save it in your favourites, because you are going to visit it very often:

There’s a column called MANIFESTID with long numbers; look for the most recent one (it will be at the top), and copy it. Now return to the file we are editing, there’s a part at the bottom where you can also see a very long number inside quotes; the same number can be found twice in different lines; overwrite it in both places with the number you just copied. Remember it must be inside quotes. (There can be people that find two different numbers in this section. It doesn’t matter, paste the number in both places nonetheless).

Now close the editor, right click on the file (it’s called “appmanifest_564230”, remember?), a menu will pop up, click on Parameters, and in the window that’ll appear check “Read only”. This is to prevent Steam to mess with it.


Time to test your FPW 1.02 not being updated when you open it. The first time you do so after doing everything in this guide, this window will pop up:


You have to click the "Upload to Steam Cloud " button if this is the first time you do this. If you want to repeat this proces in a second PC, then you should click on “download to this machine”.

And that’s all, you can play with FPW 1.02 without fear of it autoupdating.


Now, every time there’s an update of the game, you will see this:

If you try to open the game, the update will automatically start, so better not to click there. It’s time to close Steam for now, go again to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps, right click on “appmanifest_564230”, uncheck the “Read only”, visit copy the new MANIFESTID last number, paste it in its two places, save it, make it read-only again, aaand then you can go on with the fun.

Part 2: you have not updated, nor do you wish to

Be sure Steam is NOT running (if it is, close it now) and go to steps 5 to 8.

Part 3: you are successfully playing FPW 1.02

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Thank you :slight_smile:


With so many questions surrounding this, I really appreciate someone taking the initiative to help and putting together a great guide. I’ll be forwarding my $1000 USD shortly :+1:


You’re wellcome :joy:


I edited the guide with an extra step I forgot to include.


I love you and want to have a million of your babies.

I’ve been having such a motherfucker of a time getting 1.02 back. I accidently deleted all my mods except the patcher, so now I have to re-dl all those, but that’s ok because the big g-d WCW roster I’ve been working on is still there. I just have get my custom parts back so everything shows up. But, still so f’n happy.


I hope they inherit your editing skills :laughing:


Got all my mods working again! All my shit is back! So happy! Now, I gotta try and fight my way through Carl’s move importer. But, that’s a challenge for another day.

As far as the new UI and all that, there’s no looking back for me. But, damn, I’m gonna miss the Workshop. I know people are starting to use the export tool, and that’s rad, but there’s some edits I never got around to downloading from people who are all ready done playing (Goodbye CarlCX’s PRIDE edits) and Japanese edit makers who have jumped into the 2.0 team. (Goodbye toyozoo and your weird ass edits).


Yes, workshop edits are the downside of the rollback.


Hey, I signed up just to say thanks for this guide. Didn’t realize rolling back to 1.02 would be so complicated. Glad to have the Carlzilla mods back :grinning:


Hey man, I had to re-do this and this time I’m getting the message saying my game is outdated and I need to connect to the internet to fix it. Any ideas?


Check the safe file again. I tried to perform a rollback in my second PC and found the same problem. It’s probably a problem of the Steam Cloud updating your safe; then if you perform another rollback your PC will have a different version of the safe than the one in the cloud, causing the message (I can’t explain better).


Someone on discord (sorry, don’t remember who) helped me out. I had to copy a new original.dll file (I think.) Super easy fix, just like most of the mountains of problems I’ve been having with this game this week.


I’ve already got 1.02 copied over to its own folder. How do I run the damn thing?


It should run normally, as always…


Nevermind, I got it to run using Smart Steam Emu. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So, I’ve put off doing the rollback hoping the mods would get 2.0 comptability, but I can’t take it any more…
Now, I’ve follwed the instructions, but I don’t have a appmanifest_564230 file in my steamapps folder. Is this because I never purchased the DLC? How do I make this work without that file?


The mods work fine in 2.0 at this point…rolling back is completely unnecessary at this point.


Even your old ones? !!!


Yep pretty much everything from the modsuite is now in 2.0, plus some new stuff.