Tennessee Wrestling Authority - March 1980


TWA: Power!
Live from Knoxville, TN
March 14, 1980

Barry Horowitz vs. Bobby Fulton

[spoiler]These two young superstars, looking to impress the top brass, got the show started off with a bang. Their back-and-forth battle hyped up the crowd, with Barry Horowitz coming out on top with the Winning Move as the…well, the winning move.

Barry Horowitz d. Robert Fulton by pinfall in 12:15 (Match Rating: 95%)[/spoiler]

Tony Garea vs. Iceman Parsons for the TWA Television Champion

[spoiler]Iceman came to the ring amid showers of boos and accusations that he was ducking Chris Adams. It rattled the champ a bit, which allowed Garea to take an early advantage. Tony could practically feel the title in his hands…but a few shortcuts and a well-timed Butt Butt kept the TV Title where it already was.

Iceman Parsons d. Tony Garea by pinfall in 10:50 (Match Rating: 86%)[/spoiler]

After the match, Chris Adams appeared to let the champ know that he had secured a title shot for the next broadcast–TWA’s first supershow, Overload! He promised that there would be no backing out for Iceman, and that a new champion WOULD be crowned!

Gino Hernandez vs. Rick Martel

[spoiler]Martel was looking to avoid a losing streak after his loss on the last show, but had a tough draw with the young upstart Gino Hernandez. The match went back and forth, with Martel becoming frustrated about not being able to put it away. That frustration got the better of him after a close pinfall, and he began arguing with the referee. Hernandez took advantage by sneaking up from behind and hitting a Russian Leg Sweep for the win.

Gino Hernandez d. Rick Martel by pinfall in 13:43 (Match Rating: 87%)[/spoiler]

Ricky Steamboat met with Jake Roberts (with his manager, Gary Hart) in the ring to sign the contract for their title match on the next TWA broadcast. After some choice words, Roberts handed a pen to Ricky…and as soon as Steamboat leaned over to sign, Roberts laid him out with the title belt! Roberts and Hart continued to attack the challenger until officials forced them to disperse.

Wild Samoans vs. Blonde Bombers © for the TWA Tag Team Titles

[spoiler]The brawling started early and never really stopped in this one! Larry Latham especially loved the wildness of it all, with each attack making him more agitated. Ferris, on the other hand, was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with his partner’s behavior. Late in the match, Ferris went to tag out, but Latham simply howled right in his face! Wayne staggered back and was immediately leveled by Sika. This immediately led to a Super Diving Headbutt; Sika then pinned Ferris to crown new champions!

Wild Samoans d. Blonde Bombers to become the NEW TWA Tag Team Champions! (Match Rating: 88%)[/spoiler]

LIVE from Knoxville, TN
March 28, 1980

The first supershow for the Tennessee Wrestling Authority was packed to the gills with action and excitement! Two title bouts, one fierce grudge match, and two other matches featuring some amazing talents!

Tully Blanchard vs. Bobby Fulton

[spoiler]Once again, Fulton was given the chance to impress viewers, this time against a man aiming for the stars in Blanchard. Bobby gave as good as he got, but could only last for so long. Blanchard, weakened and winded though he was, managed to secure the victory with a piledriver.

Tully Blanchard d. Bobby Fulton by pinfall in 15:45 (Match Rating: 92%)[/spoiler]

Adrian Adonis & Hercules Hernandez (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs. the Blackjacks

[spoiler]Take four guys who want to fight someone, but don’t really care who it is. Mix. Back away quickly. Adonis and Hernandez took the early advantage thanks to their strength and skill, but they lacked the tag team experience held by the Blackjacks, who came roaring back later in the match. Herc’s manager tried to get involved, but got laid out quickly. While Hercules attended to the fallen Bruno, that left Adrian to fight off both Blackjacks by himself…and no matter how tough you are, you can’t do that for long. Lanza scored the win with the Dreaded Claw.

The Blackjacks d. Adonis & Hercules by submission in 31:58 (Match Rating: 75%)[/spoiler]

Backstage, Ricky Steamboat announced his intention to win his match against Roberts, and dedicated the bout to his fans and family.

Chris Adams vs. Iceman Parsons © for the TWA Television Title

[spoiler]A furious Iceman started off with a cheap shot, and immediately started putting the boots to Adams. But Chris was a man on a mission, and he was not to be denied. They went at it hammer-and-tongs for quite a while, neither man willing to yield an inch. Parsons’ savvy was giving him a definite edge, though, and soon he was looking to put Adams away with the Butt Butt…only for Adams to narrowly avoid the move, hit a devastating Superkick, and reclaim his lost gold!

Chris Adams d. Iceman Parsons by pinfall in 10:51 to become the NEW TWA Television Champion! (Match Rating: 92%)[/spoiler]

Backstage, our camera crews caught up with recently deposed tag team champions, the Blonde Bombers. When asked why they lost to the Wild Samoans on the last show, Latham growled that “we’ll be getting our titles back.” Ferris agreed emphatically…at which point, Latham attacked him! The beating was quick and brutal, leaving Wayne Ferris unconscious on the floor. Latham told his unconscious victim, “When I say 'we,” I don’t mean you…" and then began howling at the camera again.

Ox Baker vs. Jay Strongbow

[spoiler]In a grudge match that has been building for a while, Jay Strongbow and Ox Baker did their level best to hurt each other for close to twenty minutes. Ox continuously displayed new forms of cruelty, requiring Chief Jay to dig even deeper just to persevere. Strongbow’s fighting spirit carried him through to the end, when a viciously fierce knife-edge chop put Baker down for the count.

Jay Strongbow d. Ox Baker by pinfall in 18:58 (Match Rating: 95%)[/spoiler]

In the champion’s locker room, Jake Roberts addressed the camera with a cool demeanor. He told the viewers–and Ricky–that Steamboat didn’t have what it took to be the champion. “This business…this life…is kill or be killed. I know which one I am…and I know which one you are.”

Ricky Steamboat vs. Jake Roberts © for the TWA Heavyweight Title

[spoiler]Ricky had a hard road in this match, as he had to keep an eye on Gary Hart while in the ring with the deadly Roberts. But with the recent attack in his mind, and the fans’ support filling the arena, there was no way he was going down quietly. Before long, he had the champ on the ropes…but that only makes the Snake more dangerous, and soon Jake had the advantage again. Ricky had a narrow escape from a DDT, and knew he’d have to pull off something special if he didn’t want another close call. Using his famous speed and agility, he climbed up the turnbuckle and caught Roberts with a top rope roll-up pin for the one…two…three!

Ricky Steamboat d. Jake Roberts by pinfall in 19:11 to become the NEW TWA Heavyweight Champion! (Match Rating: 97%)[/spoiler]

[spoiler]As the credits rolled, Steamboat celebrated in the ring with his title. Roberts went back up the ramp, leaning on Gary Hart…but before the show ended, the cameras caught Jake whisper something toward the new champion.

“This isn’t over…”[/spoiler]

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