Tennessee Wrestling Authority - February 1980


TWA Power!
Episode 3
February 14, 1980 in Murfreesboro, TN

Blackjacks vs. Pete Doherty & B. Brian Blair

[spoiler]The Blackjacks returned to TWA, still irate from their loss to Los Guerreros and looking to make their mark again. The makeshift team of Doherty and Blair were game for a fight, but they didn’t stand a chance against the angry pair of Texans. Pete Doherty finally fell victim to Lanza’s Dreaded Claw, securing the win.

(Lanza d. Doherty, Dreaded Claw, 14:41. Match rating: 69%)[/spoiler]

Chris Adams came to the ring, asking for a rematch for the TWA Television Title that he lost last week. That brought out the new champ, Iceman Parsons…who turned him down flat. “I’ve already got a challenger tonight,” the champ said. “Maybe when you prove yourself, you can get back in the ring with me.”

Hercules (w/ Downtown Bruno) vs. Barry Horowitz

[spoiler]Bruno had boasted plenty before Hercules’ TWA debut, only to be knocked out of the Heavyweight Title Tournament first round. This time, both he and Herc were all business as they took on Barry Horowitz. The big man’s power was more than a match for Horowitz’s technical skill, and he finished off the smaller man with a striking lariat.

Hercules d. Barry Horowitz (Striking Lariat, 13:32. Match rating: 65%)[/spoiler]

TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Iceman Parsons vs. Porkchop Cash

[spoiler]The crowd was buzzing when Parsons came to the ring, wondering who the challenger would be. Imagine their disappointment when Porkchop Cash entered the ring. Cash did better than most would expect, but was still overmatched by Parsons, who won with a jumping piledriver.

Iceman Parsons d. Porkchop Cash to retain the TWA Television Title (Piledriver, 11:27. Match Rating: 88%)[/spoiler]

The crowd exploded with jeers as Gary Hart came to the ring with TWA Heavyweight Champion Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Hart explained his actions from the last show: he wanted the title in his family, which meant having the best talent…which meant Jake Roberts. “There’s nobody like this kid…he’s better in that ring than anyone, and his mind is almost as devious as…mine! When the two of us are together, nobody can stop us!”

Gino Hernandez vs. Tony Garea

[spoiler]Both men came into the match looking to move up in the rankings…and thankfully, what impresses the Championship Committee also impresses the fans. They went back and forth right up to the time limit, but Gino pulled out a piledriver for the victory.

Gino Hernandez d. Tony Garea (Jumping Piledriver, 14:04. Match Rating: 87%)[/spoiler]

Backstage, the Wild Samoans called out the champions. They barely got a few words in when the Blond Bombers arrived, with Larry Latham howling up a storm and ready to charge the ring at that moment. It took Wayne Ferris and several officials to hold him back, but they set up a one-on-one match for next week between Latham and Afa.

Jay Strongbow vs. Tully Blanchard

[spoiler]The main event brought us the old guard vs. the new blood, as Strongbow fought Blanchard in an intense battle. The fans were firmly behind Chief Jay, but couldn’t help but be impressed by Tully’s skills. Jay Strongbow took the advantage late, but he was caught off guard by a diving body attack from the top rope, and Blanchard held the tights to score the three.

Blanchard d. Strongbow (Diving Body Attack, 9:19. Match Rating: 93%)[/spoiler]

TWA Power!
Episode 4
February 28, 1980 in Murfreesboro, TN

The show began with Television Champion Iceman Parsons in the ring, gloating about his successful defense last week and his pending successful defense tonight. The fans started chanting for Chris Adams…but Parsons shut them down. “Adams still needs to prove himself,” Parsons said. “I’ve picked an opponent for him tonight, so he’ll get his chance.”

TWA Television Title Match: Iceman Parsons vs. B. Brian Blair

[spoiler]Parsons was so pleased with himself that he clearly wasn’t taking Blair seriously, and Brian took advantage. He gave the champion all he could handle and then some. Eventually Iceman got his head in the game, but he still had a lot of trouble with the challenger. Finally, Iceman got a chance to hit the Butt Butt, which secured the victory and his title.

Parsons d. Blair (Butt Butt, 21:38. Match Rating: 100%)[/spoiler]

As Parsons was leaving with his belt, Adams came to the ring (giving him a rough shoulder bump in the process.) There he waited for his hand-picked opponent, Bobby Fulton!

Chris Adams vs. Bobby Fulton

[spoiler]Adams took his frustrations out on Bobby, and was driven by the thought of getting his hands on the TV Champ. Bobby Fulton was overmatched from the start, and Adams finished matters quickly with a superkick.

Adams d. Fulton (Superkick, 5:23. Match Rating: 76%)[/spoiler]

Ox Baker came to the ring to laugh at the troubles of Chief Jay Strongbow, who lost a tough match on the last show. Strongbow took umbrage, and so did Ricky Steamboat. Well, THAT brought out the champion, and before you knew it, we had a tag team main event in place: Baker and Roberts vs. Strongbow and Steamboat!

Adrian Adonis vs. Rick Martel

[spoiler]The next match saw two more men who are looking to climb the ladder to a title shot, as Rick Martel did battle with Adrian Adonis. Martel may be a hot young star on the rise, but Adonis is tough as nails. As hard as Martel tried, he couldn’t put a stop to Adrian’s brutal onslaught. A piledriver put Martel away for the three count.

Adonis d. Martel (Jumping piledriver, 9:51. Match Rating: 77%)[/spoiler]

Afa (w/ Sika) vs. Larry Latham (w/ Wayne Ferris)

[spoiler]Larry Latham charged the ring, not even waiting for his partner. A wild brawl ensued…one that threatened to involve Sika and Ferris as well, only Wayne was having none of it. While he did his best to stay on the opposite side of the ring as one Wild Samoan, the other connected with a diving headbutt on Latham for the win.

Afa d. Latham (Diving Headbutt, 8:17. Match Rating: 80%)[/spoiler]

After the match, Larry began howling at the Samoans, and it was all Ferris could do to drag him away.

Ricky Steamboat and Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Jake Roberts and Ox Baker (w/ Gary Hart)

[spoiler]Between last week’s loss and this week’s insult, Strongbow was fired up and wasn’t willing to back down an inch. But he was so focused on Ox Baker that he fell victim to a series of cheap shots from Roberts and Hart. That brought in Steamboat, who turned the tide for a while…but he fell victim to the same ploy when he zeroed in on Roberts. Eventually, a hot tag to Strongbow led to a Tomahawk Chop on Ox Baker, which led to the victory.

Steamboat & Strongbow d. Roberts & Baker (Tomahawk chop, Strongbow pins Baker; 11:01. Match Rating: 71%)[/spoiler]

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