Tennessee Wrestling Authority - April 1980


TWA Presents POWER!
April 14, 1980; Lexington, KY

TWA’s first trip into Kentucky promised lots of surprises, including the announcement that the company had signed a rash of new talent! The show started with one of those talents, Larry “Sacrificial” Lamb, in the ring. He had just graduated from the company’s new training camp, and was ready to show his stuff against another man making his debut!

Bad News Brown vs. Larry “Sacrificial” Lamb

Both men lived up to their names. Brown didn’t let up for a moment of the match, and put Lamb away with the Ghetto Blaster.

Bad News Brown d. Larry Lamb by pinfall in 1:07 (Match Rating: 54%)

Bobby Fulton was one of last month’s roster cuts, but he was given a second chance as part of a new tag team. They too would be facing off against TWA’s top free agent signings.

The Fantastics vs. Midnight Express

Bobby Fulton has gained a few fans in his time with TWA, and they took to Tommy Rogers as well, giving the Fantastics a boost in the early goings of the match. But the Midnights were bound and determined to earn their contracts, and they came back with a vengeance. The back-and-forth contest finally ended when Eaton hit a double axe handle, followed by the Alabama Jam—both from the Fantastics’ own corner—and taunted Rogers while he pinned Fulton.

Midnight Express d. The Fantastics by pinfall in 15:59 (Match Rating: 89%)

Chris Adams came to the ring, Television Title once again in his hands. He stood ready to face his next challenger…

Chris Adams © vs. Hercules (w/ Downtown Bruno)

It was the speed of Adams against the strength of Hercules (and the cheating of Bruno) in this match. Several times, a punishing move from Herc looked to put the belt in his possession, but Adams kicked out every time. Adams’ high-flying tactics stunned the big man, but couldn’t seem to put him away. Eventually, a suplex in the middle of the ring led to Adams hitting his signature Super Kick, and he retained his title.

Chris Adams d. Hercules by pinfall in 17:54 to retain the TWA Television Title (Match Rating: 93%)

After a short intermission, the Blackjacks came to the ring. Lanza and Mulligan challenged the Wild Samoans to a title match, which brought out a pair of hairy, crazed men…but it wasn’t the Samoans! It was Larry Latham and his new partner, who attacked the Blackjacks without mercy! But the former World Tag Team Champions never back down from a fight, and the wild brawl eventually was broken up by officials and security.

We later learned that Latham is now calling himself “Moondog Spot,” and his associate was called “Moondog Rex.” The team will make its debut on the next show!

Adrian Adonis vs. Jay Strongbow

We promised our Kentucky fans a huge main event, and we delivered—Adonis and Strongbow started tearing each other apart as soon as the bell rung. This match saw both men bring everything they had and more—Jay Strongbow even went for Adonis’ signature bulldog, but it only got a two-count! With both men exhausted and the fans at a fever pitch, Adonis finally hit his own Bulldog for the victory.

Adrian Adonis d. Jay Strongboy by pinfall in 25:53 (Match Rating: 97%)

After the match, Adrian let Heavyweight Champion Ricky Steamboat know that he was coming for him…and the title!

TWA Presents POWER!
April 28, 1980; Lexington, KY

The Moondogs vs. Randy “Rag” Doll and “Welcome” Matt Mullins

Quick and brutal, the Moondogs tore apart two more graduates from TWA’s training camp. Spot pinned Mullins after a backbreaker.

Moondogs d. Doll/Mullins by pinfall in 4:25 (Match Rating: 53%)

The Moondogs only had a few moments to celebrate before they were attacked by the Blackjacks, who were eager to return the favor from two weeks ago. Once again, the four men had a wild, pull-apart brawl.

Chris Adams © vs. Gino Hernandez for the TWA Television Title

The hardest-working man in TWA was back at it again, two weeks after his grueling match with Hercules. This time he was doing battle with Gino Hernandez, a top talent with complaints that he was “overlooked” in TWA so far. He was ready to add some gold to his collection, but after everything Adams had been through, he wasn’t ready to give it up. The match was fast and furious, but finally ended when Hernandez connected with a diving back elbow drop for the victory, and the championship!

Gino Hernandez d. Chris Adams by pinfall in 13:26 to become the NEW Television Champion! (Match Rating: 93%)

Tully Blanchard vs. Rick Martel

Rick Martel hasn’t notched a single victory since the first episode of Power, and was looking to change that as he took on Tully Blanchard. Unfortunately, Tully was a step ahead the whole match, and usually held the advantage. A jumping piledriver put an end to Martel’s hopes for victory.

Tully Blanchard d. Rick Martel by pinfall in 10:28 (Match Rating: 79%)

Afterwards, Downtown Bruno could be seen standing by the entrance. He nodded to Blanchard as he went by, then went back to staring at Martel, who stood frustrated in the middle of the ring.

The Fantastics vs. Wild Samoans

Fulton and Rogers impressed again in this non-title match, but the lower stakes didn’t slow down the Samoans at all. They were just as ruthless as ever! As hard as the Fantastics tried, they just couldn’t match the champs’ brutality. Afa scored the pin on Fulton after a Mongolian chop.

Wild Samoans d. The Fantastics by pinfall in 14:38 (Match Rating: 89%)

Backstage, Iceman Parsons approached Bad News Brown, congratulating him on his recent victory and proposing an alliance between the two superstars. Brown responded by beating the hell out of Iceman, declaring that he didn’t need help from anyone, and if Parsons dared show his face at the next event, he’d get more of the same.

Ox Baker vs. Ricky Steamboat

In the main event, Ricky Steamboat did battle with legend Ox Baker, and once again the fans were treated to a great match. Baker was his typical self—tough as nails and twice as dangerous—and Ricky relied on his agility and technical prowess. After nearly twenty minutes, Ricky connected with a Cyclone Whip, which disoriented Baker long enough for Steamboat to get the pinfall victory.

Ricky Steamboat d. Ox Baker by pinfall in 19:48 (Match Rating: 93%)

After the match, Steamboat’s celebration was interrupted by Jake Roberts and Gary Hart! They said there was unfinished business between the two men, and that Roberts would be coming for “his title” very soon…but THAT comment brought out Adrian Adonis, who didn’t like the idea of Roberts trying to jump the line in front of the number one contender! We certainly haven’t seen the last of this!


I’ve always loved Gino Hernandez, so I’m glad to see him take the TV title this month. Hope for a long reign there…

I really liked the Steamboat vs. Baker matchup. A tough brute vs. the speed and technical ability of a much smaller opponent. I’m a bigger fan of Baker, so was less thrilled that he lost, but if it leads to another Roberts / Steamboat matchup, it’s worth it.


Very much rooting for another Steamboat Jake match. Also interested if we’re gonna see a Tully push in the near future…

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