Sparks's Match Sound Overhaul (VERSION 2 OUT NOW!)

Sparks’s Match Sound Overhaul V2

Previous Version

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This is a simple mod that replaces the stock Fire Pro Wrestling World sound effects with sounds from both Fire Pro Wrestling Returns and the WWE 2K games, mostly. In my opinion, this makes the game sound and feel a whole lot better while still staying in line with the more arcade-y aspects of the game. I made this a while back but never bothered to update the link in this thread, so my apologies if you installed this and ended up breaking your game!

Here’s a video demonstrating the new sounds:

Many thanks to Carl, Zin5ki, amsterDAN, and really the rest of the modding community for their help and support in greatly improving this already great game. Have a nice day!


Hey guys. I’ve updated the mod and I’ve almost completely redone the punch/kick sounds! In my opinion, these sound a lot more meatier/heavier while still retaining the arcade-like quality I’m looking for. Will be updating this post with a quick video soon.

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