Some help with editing Skills


Hi! I’m new here, can anyone please explain to me what the “recovery” skill really is? Ideally I want to have epic matches for my sims so I prefer wrestlers “selling” and not immediately get back up.

Does setting Recovery to medium affects that? or should I set it to fast?


Recovery has nothing to do with selling. You can’t control whether a wrestler sells, you just need to work within the existing game mechanics and understand what’s going on beneath the hood.

It affects how much hp a wrestler recovers when stationary.


So let’s say I want to have NJPW-like matches, do I need to put it to ‘fast’? :open_mouth:


No, changing one setting isn’t enough to get the ai to work a specific style of match. You need to go deep into logic and parameter discussion for that.


Alright, I think I kinda get it now. Been messing for the past few hours with medium and fast and I barely seen any difference, and now I know what’s up. Thank you! :pray:


There are special skills that lead to higher chances of no-selling, like the Road Warriors would do in their day. I don’t recall which one(s) off-hand but believe it’s in the (admittedly light) game documentation.