Ripper Rasslor Showcase


This is where I will occasionally post pics of dudes I make.

I was playing around with justinp’s La Parka custom edit parts, and decided I had to make his old running buddy Psychosis. Specifically, the time where he was teaming/feuding with LP and being managed by Sonny Onoo. The long sleeve, super hero suit is probably my favorite look for a dude that had a lot of really cool ass looks.


Another one I’m pretty proud off. 4 Costumes for Mega-Maniacs era Brutus. Started with Howdy’s Bruti, and did changed everything but the face & hair. Pretty happy with the backstage shirt and the protective mask. I’m a sucker for era specific edits, so even without all the early gimmicks before WWF and stupid gimmicks in WCW and after, I’m going to have 3 JUST WWF Beefcake edits. This one, solo babyface, & Dream Team. I wonder at what point edits start taking up too much room. I already multiple versions of everyone who’s ever set foot in a WCW ring, everyone currently under contract with WWE, all of heelsinc.'s Titanes, and now I’m getting started on retro WWE & F.


Deleted the fictional Wrestling Terrible Future edits, so this can be a Real Life gallery only, that seems to be becoming a love letter to Ed Leslie.


Great job on that Beefcake. I have all the Beefcake dream team attires on my drive if you want to check them out to save yourself time.


Oh yeah, I’m planning on ripping off a lot of your Beefcake apps. But the stupid mask was the probably the only time I was a fan of him, so I had to make a full edit for just that look. Plus, weaker stats cause he falls apart if he starts to bleed.


Haha yes his whole face can juat be removed.


God… now I may even make Fur-Face/The Mariner. Where tf were they going with that?


Yea he’s getting done once i move onto face beefcake. Assuming my game works again


Yeah, I got it all working again. I can’t have a vanilla backup to play 2.0 and use the Workshop, so that sucks. I just can’t figure it out at all. But, I had so many unfinished edits and edits I want to add new stuff to, that it’ll take me a while before I have time to add brand new stuff anyway. Plus, you, Avenger, and a few others are posting your new edits in the Import files. I just gotta hope djkm, Senator, Howdy, Rev, dpunk, toyozoo all start doing the same. I got edits from tons of people, but those dudes I got dozens to hundreds from.


@JustinIdol You’re probably the only one who’ll get a kick out of this. It ain’t perfect, but it’s a gimmick that got maybe 5 minutes of tv time ever, and I could only find 3 pics of it.

Now I gotta start using the run-in mod, so he can ruin jobber squash matches. You know you have OCD when you have 10 different Ed Leslie edits.


Haha Nice that chest plate looks really nice. heres an article with some footage in it in case you didnt come across it. I was a huge beefcake fan until he started his feud with mr perfect then i hated him. He was so terrible though.


Yeah, that was one of the few sites I found for pics. Least it was only one costume. What’s really gonna suck is watching his pre WWF and post WCW for the truly terrible stuff. With Mariner and WCW’s weird amnesia Man With No Name I think I’m at least done with his Big 2 stuff. Dream Team, Barber, Mega Maniac, Mariner, Brother Bruti, Butcher, Man With No Name, Zodiac, Booty Man, and Disciple. Now I need to watch Savage-Steamboat as brain bleach.


Do you have your cos files uploaded?


Nope. Because I honestly can’t figure out how. I’ve said before, but Fire Pro is the first and only pc game I’ve played (aside from a little of Kaiju Big Battel demo), so the mods confuse the shit outta me. As anyone who’s helped me try and fix things will attest to. Hell, I still have invisible DLC moves.

Also, most of the WCW Brute’s are just Howdy’s with some tweaks and adding in some custom parts.


Cool. Post some more pics then I wanna see the rest of the attires you did


I’ll definitely post some more next time I play.


The Boss & The Guardian Angel. When WCW wanted The Big Boss Man, but couldn’t call him the Big Boss Man, and finally just gave up and made him Bubba again.


I think they also callee him the Man once haha


Very nice set of edits you have here :slight_smile: especially Psycosis and Brutus


“The Man” lol Probably.

Thanks Omni!