Requests for new moves

I love you james :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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So I was wondering if anyone has made Baron Corbin’s End of Days yet? That’s like the one requested move I would love to have.

Hello, I would love to see Jon Moxley’s Death Rider / Paradigm Shift


Thank You

A decent End of Days was in the original set of movepack moves. I’m not sure where those are these days, but try asking around the Discord.

OJF did a nice Death Rider a little while back. His blog is in Japanese, but it’s pretty easy to spot the download link:

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Oh wow, that is really good. Thanks man

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Trying my luck again following the amazing jamesrah filling my Bret requests.

  1. Crush - Cranium Crunch (one of my favorites as a kid).

  2. Randy Orton - Backbreaker

  3. Shawn Spears - Rope Assisted Jackhammer (new finisher)

  4. Colt Cabana - Superman Pin

  5. Genichiro Tenryu - Corner Chop\Punch combo (Booker T also did something similar but slower and wider chops)

Hey guys, I have a couple of request and also trying my luck.

Mushi Gaeshi - Shibata
Arm ring into falling kick - Atsushi Aoki/Zack Saber JR.

Hey man…just FYI…it always helps to post videos so the creator doesn’t have to go looking.

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Sorry about that, the MushaGaeshi is this

Armbreaker pelekick -

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So ToyonakaOJF posted the move I requested for Tenryu on his Twitter page but I can’t figure out where to download it (or if it is available at all).
He has a blog pinned but he doesn’t update it. There’s also a message board but it’s all Japanese and I don’t see a link there either.
If someone could clear this up for me, I’ll be very grateful!

I’ve never seen this one made before but I know multiple wrestlers have used it, would be a great addition to 80s and 90s edits.

Id appreciate if someone made Daisuke Harada’s avalanche german suplex bridge

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I was about to request the same move.

I have ideas/requests for some moves not yet done:

  • Angel Garza’s Wingclipper

  • Fiend’s Mandible Claw that pins the opp to the ground

  • Rey Mysterio’s Powerbomb countered to a Candian Destroyer

  • Keith Lee’s Ground Zero (Fireman’s Carry to Jackhammer)

  • Also an idea for Jay Lethal’s Lethal Injection - A front grapple that starts with either an elbow strike or Irish Whip reversal into the animation of the Superstar Elbow (Ishimori’s old finisher) and finally into the Jumping Cutter

How about Undertaker’s winning pose? I kinda miss that whenever he wins matches.

Could somone try the Clotheline Snitsky did to Paul London off the apron?! That would be sick and a great addition to moves

Was Hikaru Shida’s running knee ever done? I’m not really sure but it’s a good move to make, can be used for several people.

How about the Power Plex? Tag team, corner grapple.

power plex gif

Matt Hardy’s Side Effect