Requests for new moves


Well…it’s not an apprehensive air guitar, but I hope this will suffice:

Move files are in my move thread:


I wouldn’t mind this if it’s possible:


Suneed already made this. Check his Twitter page.


There were loads of great moves there but not that one as far as I could see.


I’m looking for both heel moves and botches/comedy moves.

Heel Moves:
Roll-Up tights variations, Using the ropes

Variations on normals moves that end with a failed execution

Comedy Moves:
Stinky Face, Eye poke block etc etc


This is the kind of headbutt im looking for if anyone can help.Cheers


Anyone fancy recreating this brutality?Would be great for one of my edits.Cheers


Here you go, man.

Download links are here: Jamesrah's Moves Showcase


Awesome.Many thanks


Hey @jamesrah, incredible work! I’ll throw two moves in as well if you have the time. I’m sure it’s not easy to use that crazy looking editor haha. Anyway here are two moves that I don’t think anyone’s ever made in fire pro.

First is Bret Hart’s second rope elbow drop. There’s a few wrestlers that use the middle rope so could potentially be useful in the future.



Second move is a team up attack reversal. I think in fire pro there are only a couple reversal, like kicking the grapplers away, but this one would be more intricate. The person reversing it would be getting their arms pulled back, then duck out of the way. haha it’s probably so excessive.

Thanks for even looking, and thanks for all the contributions!



Has Super Dragon’s curb stomp been made yet?


Anyone got the time to attempt gordbuster GTS cheers


Yes, it was in one of the first move packs


Are those first move packs on this site? Still learning to navigate the site.


I’d love to see El Phantasmo’s CR2!


How about a Texas Tornado standing Claw into a Tornado punch?


Anyone fancy taking a stab at a punt kick?


Was curious if anyone would be willing to try a top rope reversal tiger driver or top rope grapple blue thunder for Super Dragon?