Requests for new moves


Actually I’m about to do a slingshot small package if you are interested


I did a prototype for the slingshot suplex, if you want to clean it up and finish it.


Id give this a shot if he doesnt want to


I’ll send the files tonight.


As requested.


the cyclone kill says - cannot find corresponding bytes file. When i try to install it.


Sorry, but I also included the bytes file, so you can use that to install the move.


would anyone be able to attempt the " Ghetto Stomp Cop Killa"? heres the vid


Has McIntyre’s Claymore kick been recreated yet? The closest I found to it was the Busaiku knee but even that is a stretch on my part.


Please. Anyone?


Triple German Suplex Whip, please.
Mix between Triple German but change the last one to German Suplex Whip. Thank you.


Here’s a shot at the Claymore Kick. Hope you like it!

Bytes and Move files are in my Move thread.


I honestly didn’t realize this wasn’t in the game, but here you go. Triple German Suplex Whip:

Bytes and move files are in my move thread.


Jeff Hardy’s Manhattan drop into double legs to the groin move he always does. And if possible the Sitout jawbreaker.


Got a pete dunne one his newish finish on the indies “The Better End” Pumphandle Tombstone


Aww hell yeah. Thanks, my dude


Here you go, man:

Move files are in my move thread


AWESOME :slight_smile:


I’d be alright with any moves that leave the opponent still standing or still in a grapple, anything could do, like, countered moves, over/undersold moves, anything MMA/Martial arts can work fine too.


619 tiger feint kick in a version that let opponent lie face up near the corner so Rey can connect with a top rope splash. May be let the move happen closer to the corner.
Thank you guys.