Requests for new moves


I’m talking about adding props to the forms. They seem to just get ignored.


I tried doing it with the kir animation who is involving weapons and it seems to work

Let’s move to discord




My requests have always been the same :slight_smile:

1 - A submission move who conssists of the wrestler furiously stomping in the poor opponent’s face until the ref counts it out (because it’s illegal), pretty much like what happens when you set a"sexual" entertainment move but the edit thats using is attaking the same gender its not marked as male?/female?. The stomps could be on the body too, i just want this to be a separate custom move, instead of having to set "Nightmare’ or “Lip Lock” and never putting the guys against the opposite gender.

2 - A VERY stiff headbutt, or a series of headbutts that end up with the last one being REALLY stiff, so much it makes the target drop into the ground - could be a amazing finisher.

3 - Zangief’s Spinning Jumping Piledriver, you guys already know the one. A Spinning lariat is also a idea, but im pretty sure this one is almost impossible.


Up above, someone asked for a Cyclone Kill. That got me on a little bit of a Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno bender.

First, the Cyclone Kill:

Next, the Death Blow/KO:

If anyone is interested in these moves, let me know. I’m still trying to figure out a lot of this. As always, feedback is appreciated too!

Here are the files for each move:
Cyclone Kill:
Death Blow:


For still trying to figure this out, you’re doing awesome man. That Death Blow has some real impact and the frame fluidity on the Cyclone Kill is great.

You should really consider joining the custom move competition this week. Here’s a [link]!(


Okayy… how do we make our custom moves? I’ve got the moves importer but am envious with you guys doing your own custom moves. What do I need?

Thank you in advance guys


Hey…thanks a lot! That’s really encouraging to hear. I’m going to give it a shot on the competition if I can find the time this weekend.


I think someone made a thread about it
If not you can get help in Carl’s server


One I can’t believe that I forgot, and may be at the very top of my requests- The Swiss Death / Very European Uppercut / Pop-Up European Uppercut. I need all the Cesaro/Claudio moves.


I’d love to have those Hero moves. I never turn down Big Boots and Elbows. I’m like Ace with Knees. :rofl:


I want that Cyclone Kill in my life., I Need it.


How about Duggan’s Clothesline. The Footbal 3-Point Stance into a really stiff clothesline. Preferably as a C2C, imo.

Also, requesting what may be officially be the stupidest taunt ever. Could the Spineroonie be used somehow to make The Curley Spin from 3 Stooges? I’m kind wanting to make a Stooge Stable, and this would be amazing.


Double Team Suggestions to stick with this week’s byte challenge theme:

Hart Attack (Shoulder Bear Hug/Dragging Lariat)
Demolition Decap (Pendulum Backbreaker/Second Rope Elbow)
Midnight Express (“MX”) Double Goozel (Lariat and Schoolboy Trip/Chop Block)
MX Rocket Launcher (Assisted Top Rope Splash)
MX Veg-o-matic (Shoulder Bear Hug, opponent lowered to prone position, top rope leg drop)
MX Double Flapjack
MX Drop Toehold/Elbow Drop
SST Double Headbutt
Generic - Wishbone (Team each grabs a foot and yanks in opposite directions)
Generic - Meeting of the Minds*

*This is a versus double team move, where the victim slams the two wrestlers heads into each other. Would this be possible if set up as a suicide move? Would be a really cool move to use the extended move slot on and give it a 5% chance of coming up instead of the actual double team move.


What is mx and sst?

Stupid 20 letter minimum


Midnight express and samoan swat team

All tjose moves woold be great


Hey everyone…if anyone was interested in the Chris Hero moves I included above, I’ve now added the download links for the files.

Enjoy, and please let me know if there are any issues!


Would love a real stiff headbutt if anyone is interested in making one


More Entertainment Moves would be great. Jack Gallagher’s Full Windsor Knot, the Lady of the Lake, The Dick Spot.


Can someone make a slingshot suplex (Tully Blanchard used to do this i believe).