Requests for new moves


i dont know how to create it but if i could i would mix the deep impact( ddt from top rope) and an apron to ring slingshot plancha


As promised, I posted the Snapmare Driver (slightly modified/improved from the above video) to my moves page. I also added the Swinging Fisherman’s Suplex. Link below the videos:


Aww man. Both of those look GREAT!!!


Hey Bud can we get Big van vader’s stricking combos
1 from the turn buckle
1 from anywhere inside the ring

Kobashi’s machine gun chops from turnbuckle

Kawada’s ganzo bomb


I agree with Vader strikes. 4-6 Vader hammers would be good for a UWFi Vader especially.


Got a request for my Darby Allin edit…Coffin Drop anyone? tumblr_pepqmjnmmt1s24yedo1_400


I think I saw someone do the animation in FPW but I can’t find it to save my life. I’d really love Billy Gunn’s Fameasser (front grapple, corner to center, from top rope).
Of course, I’d be happy with just the regular variation :slight_smile:


Would love to have the springboard cutter from this vid.

Move starts at 2:40 mark.

Thanks in advance


Haven’t done a move from the request thread in a while, but here’s my attempt at the Fameasser. Move files are in my moves thread:


Haha, pay back for The Rock.


So when are you developing the “Kiss My Ass Match” mod?


As soon as you create a “Kiss My Ass” grapple move. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kiss my ass match is right up there with evening gown match for my most needed mods.


A proper Shake, Rattle, and Roll would be neat. I imagine it could start with the Jackhammer (the pull in part), then go to a the full swinging neck breaker. Or maybe replay the the beginning of the swinging neck breaker (swinging to the left) 2 times and stopping at the beginning of the move, before going into the full swinging neck breaker. (This makes sense in my head I swear it lol).


This is not a bad idea. But since you’ve got a good approach in mind, why not take a shot at making it yourself?


Hey all.Im looking for a really stiff style headbutt.I remember seeing a preview of one maybe by Sunseed but never found the bytes?Any help.Also would love to see someone attempt Jordan Devlins backdrop driver hes been using recently.Got an edit in mind for that.


Suneed’s Twitter account (@suneed705) is probably the best way to find his moves. He has a link to his Google Drive on there as well.


Thanks man will have a mooch.


The Bitter End.

Also, whoo-hoo! Snapmare Driver!


The better end is his indie finish, its a pumphandle tombstone, his normal finsh is the bitter end which is a pumphandle reverse sto