Requests for new moves


Sounds fun, I can take a crack at it.
Specifically the Kushida variation.


How about moves that leave the opponent in the MMA mount positions?


What about Matt Riddle’s power bomb into a knee strike combo? Like this one:

Would be even better if there’s a ripcord knee before it.


Has anyone attempted a crucifix driver? Seems like a fairly popular moves these days


Got a few requests.

  1. Snapmare Driver (and/or Headlock Driver)
  2. Cobra Clutch Slam, or Cobra Clutch Backbreaker (impact rather than submission)
  3. Any low blows you can think of. I need more variety. (Esp. from Front, Corner Grapple, Diving, and Face Down Near Legs. But really, anything.)

And as always, more tag team moves. Thanks!


so as a down at the head move for a reversal the kick off that guys do after getting slammed as the guy that did the slamming bends down to pick them back up.


double team front grapple that turns into the opponent reversing it into a double noggin knocker would be awesome


Giving you a heads up, I started working the “ghetto stomp cop killa” last night. I’m about 80% complete, just need to work on the landing after the stomp and run a few tests.

Update: Almost done, some how I managed to get a shadow to dance around


Wooaaaah that looks sick (sorry for the late response ive been inactive)


The link to the move files are on my move thread, Doublefang’s Moves.


Okay… wondering if anyone would like to try making this move. A springboard cutter. It’s the finisher for a young Malaysian wrestler. Emman the Kid AKA The Golden Boy of MYPW. Here’s the idea.

  1. Iconoclasm set up ( up until the slap / uppercut )
  2. Cross arm taunt before stepping on the apron
  3. Springboard up the rope - Blockbuster flip
  4. Connects the cutter

Thanks in advance :grin:


johnny Gargano Slingshot DDT
end of heartache
young blood
pop up codebreaker
slingshot codebreaker


Some great work here everybody.
If I may?
Moves id love to see mods for…

Snapmare Driver

Spinning Fisherman’s Neckbreaker/Suplex

Liked how it looked in the WWE games, here’s a version, but no pin

Headlock Driver

The Edgecator

A solid Gutwrench Powerbomb whip

Hangman’s Facebuster

The Haas of Pain

Any help is so very greatly appreciated!!!


I actually did a snapmare driver recently, but I haven’t posted it. I’ll try and get it up this weekend.


i dont know how to create it but if i could i would mix the deep impact( ddt from top rope) and an apron to ring slingshot plancha


As promised, I posted the Snapmare Driver (slightly modified/improved from the above video) to my moves page. I also added the Swinging Fisherman’s Suplex. Link below the videos:


Aww man. Both of those look GREAT!!!


Hey Bud can we get Big van vader’s stricking combos
1 from the turn buckle
1 from anywhere inside the ring

Kobashi’s machine gun chops from turnbuckle

Kawada’s ganzo bomb


I agree with Vader strikes. 4-6 Vader hammers would be good for a UWFi Vader especially.


Got a request for my Darby Allin edit…Coffin Drop anyone? tumblr_pepqmjnmmt1s24yedo1_400