Requests for new moves


I’d love to see El Phantasmo’s CR2!


How about a Texas Tornado standing Claw into a Tornado punch?


Anyone fancy taking a stab at a punt kick?


Was curious if anyone would be willing to try a top rope reversal tiger driver or top rope grapple blue thunder for Super Dragon?




I have a request I hope someone can help me with. On WWE Games it’s called "Summer Crush"


This is my custom edit’s finisher but I don’t believe it’s in FPWW. I’d love if someone could make it!


For the love pete make this


I wishing that someone makes this MOVE.
Unfortunately I can not do that.


Not sure if it is shared for DL though.


Thank you very much for introducing my tweet.

I saved the byte file of “Fireman’s carry GTR” on google drive. Please use them if you want.


What a nice surprise, thank you so much!

All the Goto stuff on your Twitter look really good.
If that is OK to ask, I would love to see you post the Reverse GTR.
Thanks again.


I saved my custom moves on google drive. The byte file of “Reverse GTR” is saved too.
Please use them if you want.


Amazing. Thanks a lot!


You are my hero


Anyone care to make this gem?


Two requests on my end:

  1. Crucifix Pin

  2. Tour of the Islands



Hey man…took a shot at it. Hope you like it!

Download files are in my Google Drive (referenced in the first message of my thread).


Hey thanks so much man!


Hey…just did a Tour of the Islands on my moves page:

Link to my Google Drive is in the first message in that thread.


Hell yeah! Thank you so much!