Requests for new moves


I saved my custom moves on google drive. The byte file of “Reverse GTR” is saved too.
Please use them if you want.


Amazing. Thanks a lot!


You are my hero


Anyone care to make this gem?


Two requests on my end:

  1. Crucifix Pin

  2. Tour of the Islands



Hey man…took a shot at it. Hope you like it!

Download files are in my Google Drive (referenced in the first message of my thread).


Hey thanks so much man!


Hey…just did a Tour of the Islands on my moves page:

Link to my Google Drive is in the first message in that thread.


Hell yeah! Thank you so much!


Hail the goods of FIREPROPC. I am requesting, if possible, two moves

Katsuyori Shibata’s
Musha Gaeshi - rebound version perferably

Minoru Suzuk’s
Sleeper slam into sleeper.



Got a few requests to finish out some OC edits (plus some stuff I just want.)

Avalanche Death Valley Driver
Diving Fame-asser
Catapult into turnbuckle
Tag move: Giant Swing/Dropkick
Sidewinder (Smoking Gunns)


I have plans on doing the catapult into turnbuckle but have a couple moves I’m currently working on before I get to it. The Sidewinder shouldn’t be that hard to do.


Hello again,

Got a few requests:

  1. Darby Allin
    a. Back Grapple Stunner (
    b. Coffin Drop (on Dazed & on Downed opponent (
    Some other moves in that vid, if you’re really feeling like it, but I’d like the above the most.

  2. Charlotte Flair - Natural Selection (
    I’m pretty sure I simply missed it and somebody already made it…

Thank you!!


Happy to tackle the Darby Allin moves:


I love you james :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So I was wondering if anyone has made Baron Corbin’s End of Days yet? That’s like the one requested move I would love to have.


Hello, I would love to see Jon Moxley’s Death Rider / Paradigm Shift


Thank You


A decent End of Days was in the original set of movepack moves. I’m not sure where those are these days, but try asking around the Discord.


OJF did a nice Death Rider a little while back. His blog is in Japanese, but it’s pretty easy to spot the download link:


Oh wow, that is really good. Thanks man