Requests for new moves


Post your requests or ideas for custom moves here. This is meant to keep requests out of the various threads for showcasing and sharing moves.

Note that anyone can feel free to tackle these moves, including members who have never created but would like to get started. It’s not specific to the members showcasing their existing moves.

Dakota's Fire Pro Joshi Puro Universe - under construction

Rikishi stinkface

Jeff Hardy double leg drop to groin and maybe that jaw breaker he does…

Konnan rolling clothesline/lariat - thinking this would work better as a C2C move.

that’s all I can think of at the moment


The Stinkface & Konnan Rolling Clothesline are extremely high on my list too. Those were literally the first two moves I thought of when I saw this topic. I’d also welcome Hardy’s sitout jawbreaker.

I’d also add the Powerbomb setup into a Diamond Cutter DDP hit Guerrero with.
Alexa Bliss’ Standing moonsault double knee drop (Insult to Injury)

I forget which one, but one of TMDK has a move that’s a Fireman’s Carry spun into a Chokeslam. I’d love to have that, as that was one of my friend’s finishers 10 years ago.

I’m guessing different colors of mist is still not possible?


It’s an extremely wrestler-specific move, but I don’t think any game has ever had Dude Love’s Sweet Shin Music. (I’m guessing splice together the C2C Sweet Chin Music setup stomps, the standing thigh kick and a double-arm DDT somehow)

The Piper combo, where he’d wind up like he was about to deliver a huge haymaker, then poke them in the eye

Achair’s illusion style entertainment move where a wrestler fakes getting hit in the nuts

Basically, any really goofy move pleases me.


I wonder if the Shooting StaRKO is possible…


Yeah, turrible666, a fake out Nut Shot that can cause the other dude to get dq’ed would be awesome.

I’d also like to add a C2C Cyclone Kill for Chris Hero.


I’m hoping someone can figure out how to do moves with weapons.


Any of these possible?

C2C Ace Cutter?
Top Rope Bloody Sunday?
Tour Of The Islands?


C2C Ace Cutter sounds like a perfect Kanyon Cutter. One of my favorite late WCW gimmicks was Kanyon running out of know where and hitting the Cutter on randos.


Took a shot at the C2C Cutter. Still new at this, so let me know what you guys think…


That looks great, dude.


it is possible, but with the specific wepons in the game


C2C move (slam or punch & drag?) that leaves the opponent in position for a diving attack, ending with the attacker climbing the turnbuckle.

Any rope or turnbuckle move ending w opponent by the middle of the apron for dives to the outside.

Completely unrealistic tag spot for the Byte contest: Smoking Gunns Backdrop to Piledriver:

Other Crazy Spot: Marafuji’s Doomsday Device counter into a Spanish fly pin:


This is probably a difficult task, but I think if it were done, would be for the betterment of the Fire Pro Community:

A Proper Arn Anderson Spinning Spinebuster.

I know there’s a spinning spinebuster, and a regular spinebuster, but they all lack the precision, the technical masterfulness, the footwork, of a Proper Arn Anderson Spinning Spinebuster.


Any chance for a sycthe to the head of a standing opponent or the back of a grounded opponent?

What about a camel clutch with a barbed wire bat?

Or the old school fire to the eyes that guys like the Sheik or Kevin Sullivan would throw at people sometimes?


Dude, the smaller fireball has been a dream of mine for a while. That and Red Mist are my top two after the brass knuckles came out. Carl has said in the past that even finding the fire and mist is a bitch, much less modifying them. I’m not giving up hope though. The Sheik, Desert Storm Hogan, Hollywood Hogan vs Warrior, Lawler, Funk, Cornette,… So many dudes need that fireball. And the Red Mist for when someone REALLY pisses off Muta or Tajiri,… Plus KISS Demon and Asya, I guess. And Gangrel and Tensai.


I don’t think anyone’s figured out how to use props yet. That is if it’s even possible. They just get removed when you set them.


Yeah, but I played FPR for 10+ years. Hopefully before FPW is that old, someone figures it out.


At this point, with all I’ve seen, I figure some smart hacker man will figure it out. It might just take time.


youre talking about KIR animations?
if not it is possible