Requests for new edit parts


Figured we could use a thread for parts request so each person’s individual thread can stay as a showcase for their work. Figure people could post requests here and if a part maker wants to tackle it they can call it.

Selfishly I of course created this thread with the hopes that I coukd get some requests taken care of!

Tie dyed shirt.
Waist lightning bolt on the back the tights (don muraco, strike force among others
Don muraco shirt (

Thanks to anyone willing to help!


Late Night Request Line. I’ve got some random edits, moves, & parts I’d live to see. In no Particular Order-

Dr. Cube’s head- MBXFilms made a great Cube, but his head isn’t a cube and that bothers me.

Giant Emoji Heads- Dumb Personal request. I want to team LOLCat! up with eMoji. 4 Costumes would be :heart_eyes:, :sunglasses:, :poop:, & the official mask he uses for his team LOLCat!- :smiley_cat:. Yeah, it’s a dumb idea, But “The Mega Memers” will set the wrestling world on fire.

Another piece might be totally useless for anyone but me- I want the Monster Energy logo as a mask piece. I think it’s funny when wrestlers have corporate sponsorships, and Monster is perfect. I’m imagining a featureless mask with a colorable Monster-M logo on the face. Then, I can use some of the Super Dragon parts for the rest of the costume. He’s going to be a So-Cal Luchador, so he’s going to be a huge Super Dragon / Blitzkrieg spot monkey. Hoping for the M to be colorable so he can multiple “flavor”" costume.

And, lastly, one that other people might not use. A tongue. The Psycho Clown ONLY works for Psycho Clown, and that sucks. I’d love to have a couple for Ax, Smash, Liv Morgan, The Headbangers, the Bushwhackers, George Steele, Muta, Tajirir. Colorable, preferably, for Steele & Muta’s green or Liv’s Kool-Aid blue.


Dr. Cube and tongue get a plus one from me!


I could definitely get some mileage out of a tongue.

I have quite a few headwear requests. I’d love to see a better looking baseball cap than what the game provides, perhaps even caps cocked at a variety of angles. Maybe some standard logos to slap on 'em that people could get some use out of; Nike, Monster, NY Yankees, etc. Football and hockey helmets would wonderful. I’d also love a good beret for military types and Frenchmen. Some more ornate crowns and a native American headdress could come in handy as well.

I’d also love to see an absolutely enormous afro, and maybe a rainbow colored clown fro.

Lastly, I kinda feel bad asking this, but I have a stable of sinister heel edits who may or may not be Nazis, and a little Hitler mustache for their valet would really tie the group together.

P.S. Cornrows.


No logo, but Justinp made a really good baseball cap for Cena.


Oh, and more body hair. Prince Albert and Dutch Mantel need to be fuzzy.


Back hair would be awesome


I tried like hell to make bear torso work for Albert and George Steele. No luck. But, now that we’re getting away from steroids a pretty boys, wrestling has a lot of Big Hairy Monsters who just can’t be replicated in FP yet. Half of the European Indy guys look like fat Chewbacca.


Ill compile a master list in the first post. Hopefully at some point someone gets around to a few of these.


I would like to see horizontal stripes for shirt pieces.


Same here, friend. Same here.


Trying to make Bennett from Commando. Anybody got a line on a chainmail shirt texture?


Some parts for Mabel perhaps


Hipster, old-timey mustache. Like Simon Gotch, early Tyler Bate, and half the boxing edits Senator has made.

Big Crazy eyebrows like Bull Curry.

Breezango’s Hats & Badges.


Hoping to finish up some fighting game edits:

Smackdown SYM T-Rex head for Tizoc/Lizardman
Goku/Vegeta DBZ style hair
Octopus arms/legs for Shuma Gorath


Would love to see

Backwards baseball cap
Mr T jewelry
Outlaw style bandana (Ivelisse from LU)
National flag shirts for major pro wrestling countries
Hood for robe (Ministry of Darkness Undertaker)
Head towel (Taz)


How about some bunny ears for Avenger’s Drugz Bunny edit?


I was curious to see if we could get some Edit parts for company logos similar to what the NJPW update offered to the game. Particularly the other “major” Japanese promotions with AJPW, NOAH, DG, and DDT.

If I knew how to do this - or if there were steps to do this - I’d get right on it.