Random AMA (Fire Pro)


I need some sort of questions to challenge my brain. Please keep on the topic of Fire Pro.


Have you settled into any sort of groove with the new way Touchwork functions, based on time instead of damage received? How have you changed it for your edits, if at all? And can you recommend any ranges for certain types of wrestlers?

For the most part I’ve just lowered everyone’s touchwork a few ticks and things feel relatively normal, but I’ve been struggling with some specific scenarios. The main one that’s causing me grief is my team The Hellions, which is comprised of two “twin” brothers but one is a giant and the other is a midget. Ideally, the giant wrestles like 80% of the match and the midget comes in for just a few shenanigans and hopefully catches a sneaky flash pin. I used to accomplish this quite nicely with the midget’s touchwork at 93 and the giant’s at around 35 or 40, but now the giant tags out more often than I’d like to see even with his touchwork all the way down to 0! Is there anything else that can be done to try and get back what I had? Or do I just have to learn to live with this
new twenty-tags-a-match thing?


Sadly, I have not simmed that many tags to really get a feel for it. The great majority of my sims tend to be 1v1 matches.