Quick question relating to the move pack and bytes


Can you pick and chose moves from the move pack mod and replace the moves you dont need with byte files?


Don’t use the Move Pack if you’re using 2.0

The new ModPack has a tool called the New Move Importer. Use that instead. You can delete moves by hitting the “Installed Moves” button and then deleting the move from the list of available moves (make sure to delete all angles of a move if it’s a multi-angle move).

You can also add new moves using this tool.

There is ZERO reason to be fucking around with the .bytes, .move, or LoadOrder.dat by hand at this point, and if you do, and cause yourself problems, I don’t want to hear about them, you did them to yourself, and you deserve it.


Im using 1.2

I just want to trim a few moves i dont use and add some via the move importer will that work?


Don’t use the move importer and the move pack together regardless of which version you are using.