Question on Spike CPU Logic - Pins/Subs in crit condition


For most of the Spike created edits the Opp. Condition Critical category is nearly free of pinfalls or submissions. It’s always been a little strange to me as I’d think that when the opponent is in the hole you’d want to try to wrap up the match. Can anybody offer a reason why the devs create their edits this way? I generally give my edits like a 20% chance to go for a cover in this category.


It reduces situations where a weak move can end the match. For example, pin percentages in critical can lead to pin attempts off of moves like snap mares, basic Front Face-lock elbows, etc.
And due to the lack of actual rest holds in the game, submission percentages on weaker looking moves can result in finishes at critical damage. Nobody wants to see Chin Locks end a match, for example.

It’s actually one of the few areas where I agree with Spike on CPU Logic. Setting up finishing sequences using priorities is usually the better choice; you can set multiple ways of ending a match without it being from a random move.


Thanks, make sense. Been using the rest holds mod for so long I forgot about chinlocks ending epic matches.