Question on Custom Part sprite & venue skins


I’ve read the the tutorial on how to create a custom part, but I’m still not so set on a few things, mostly in the process of creating the sprite itself, I downloaded the “templates” of several base parts like medium Male t-shirt and “armor” (the one that looks like Ultimo Dragon’s chest piece), main question is: how do you “draw” the sprites ? and what program do you employ ?

On the topic of venue skins ? do you follow any templates files when making textures for the venues like Big Garden Arena or Arena de Universo ?
Thank you in advance


As for parts, I use GIMP…it’s free and for this basic type of manipulation works just fine. I then open the base layer of what I want to create, so like the t shirt chest piece. Then I add a new layer the size of just one angle of the chest, I usually start with the front straight on. Then in that new layer, paste in a logo or shirt design, or draw using the paint brush or pencil tool. Then i proceed to copy that new layer over and over, placing it on each chest piece, skewing it where is needed, to marry it up to each angle. Once I have all my angles covered, I hide the base layer, merge are the created layers and export the file to .png using the naming convention m_ch_XXXX_m_1.png.


If it is of any assistance, here is a template for Arena de Universo: