Question about Throw Out Logic


Not sure if this should be here or in the Mods section…

But I’m curious, what does the Throw Out Logic mod actually control? For example, does it affect Over the top Battle Royale’s? How is the value that an edit has determined? I just patched the mod in and most of my edits have a setting already. I was going to change some of them, but I wasn’t sure.


It controls how often an edit will override their hammer throw/irish whip action with an Over the top rope throw. So, instead of being required to perform a move directly against the apron to put an opponent outside they’ll be able to throw an opponent out from any position in the ring.
I think the initial value is based on the edit’s “Dive to the Outside” logic setting. So, you would only need to modify individual edits, while the others already have a value set.