Question about a certain FreeCam angle


I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good with FreeCam and my Cam AIs, but I’ve been struggling to include a certain angle in my Cam AI, and since this forum needs some posts I figured now’s a good time to ask about this.

I really like this angle, and ones like it where the ring is in a nice, square orientation on the screen. In my own dumb jargon to myself I think of these as square angles (as opposed to “diamonds”, where the ring is cocked at a 45 degree angle on the screen). In this one, we’re looking across the ring perpendicular to the entrance ramp. The other square angle would be looking up the entrance ramp, which I avoid since things like the Arena de Universo’s stage parts show up in front of the ropes from certain views.

It ain’t a good angle to watch an entire match from since the move animations can look a bit wonky, but I think it spices things up nicely when the Cam AI jumps to this sort of shot for just a wee bit. I have seen on streams and YouTube videos people using angles similar to that one to excellent effect, but it seems like no matter what category I place it in in my own Cam AI, it just doesn’t work out so well. I suppose it’s possible I’m just seeing videos of people getting a little lucky with their Cam AI, but I can’t shake the thought that I’m just not dropping the shot into the right circumstances.

I feel like I’ve tried most every category and it still just pops up when I want that angle the least, like when both competitors are right near the ropes to the left and right and things get a bit wonky, or even worse when someone is down against the side ropes and end up jutting way outside of the ring. I want this shot to pop up every so often, ideally when the dudes are in the dead center of the ring. Anyone had any success with this sort of angle in a Cam AI and have some pointers on how to minimize it coming out at wack times?


Preface this post with I’m only going to be adding to the questions and I have no answers

I’ve spent so much time tweaking and focusing on certain things, only recently deciding to finally start posting/sharing/running shows, that I’ve not played with certain ‘polish’ mods like the arena database or freecam lol. I’ve likewise seen this angle pop up on people’s streams occasionally and it really stands out as the classic hard cam. I think the running is a bit wonky with it however, which makes me think and wonder–

Would this angle serve as a great stationary/single angle for boxing/mma/etc? Front grapples + standing strikes I believe would interact pretty well with this setup.


That angle is kinda bad for wrestlers interacting. For most animations/strikes, one wrestler will appear “above” the other, and they’ll look disjointed.

It’s a great looking angle, but the way the game is animated, it looks off for a lot of things.


Yeah, I’ve found it is awful as the Move Cam since the moves don’t connect well, and pretty wack as the Down Cam too because you get those lift-him-up-by-the-air-a-foot-over-his-head moments. Maybe I just need to manually jump to it every now and again when there is no grappling going on instead of counting on the Cam AI.