Professor Voodoo's Potpourri


This is the thread for all my various edits/rings/whatever else I have in my Fire Pro Workshop, which can be founded here.

There’s something for (almost) everyone, as I’ve done virtually every pro style in the book, and have an expansive and growing list of edits from works of fiction, as well as my own original stuff.

  • Edits worth downloading

I also have various collections if you w ant something more specific, and to make finding my stuff easier.

  • Collections:


Kasumi Sakura, flower warrior based slightly off Sakuraba.



Manchu Kong, fat, slovenly, pork gobbling heel based somewhat off Abdullah The Butcher. Loves to lick his lips after pigging out.



Nice touch on the edit wiping his face after he bites his opponent :slight_smile:


Here’s a Slapnuts ring, for all your Jeff Jarrett needs!



Quickie announcement…

Now that Promoter has been released, please feel free to use my edits to enhance your overall experience.


Real wrastlin is a serious and respectable sport! Enhance your wrastlin experience with Coach Conners of South Park fame!



They took his dog?



(cock a doodle doo)


Embrace Spetsnaz style with the ruthless submission machine, Tekken’s Sergei Dragunov!



Presenting Spindly, the string bean of a man who’s overly complicated holds can subdue even the biggest and strongest of foes. Assuming they don’t pound him to paste first. Utilizes Ground style; sort of a parody of Zack Sabre Jr.



Inspired by the War Zone moveset of the same name, presenting Pit Scorpion, the nomadic grappling nightmare who looks to take his opponent to the sands, and wrangle them into submission!


Next up, Daisuke Mitsubishi, the dumpy tank of a man who doesn’t believe in selling all that much, views all matches as wars of attrition, has a face that comes oh so close to being constipated, and isn’t afraid to just dump you on your noggin. Starts off with stereotypical elbow heavy NJPW fare, then goes straight into brutal head droppy goodness.


Up next, Jules Winston, chessmaster wrestler, expert in capturing, and a bit of a tribute to old-style wrestling (with a WOS aesthetic) in general.


New custom move: Kabelnaria Chickenwing

This move was specifically built with my Andrea Wu (the one in the yellow costume) custom in mind, but works well for grapplers and luchas all the same.

BYTES file:

MOVE file:


New Custom Move: Romero Dragon Sleeper


MOVE File:


New edit: Frank Tenpenny from GTA San Andreas. Dirty shoot-heel type.