NWAO January 1980




January: Week One
Toronto, ON

Now under new ownership, restructuring and re-branding, the new owner and head promoter of NWAO, s1zZLe, welcomes fans to Maple Leaf Gardens for the first ever NWAO event under this new brand.

Tonight’s event is a free show for all in attendance, as we aim to showcase our top contenders and to crown new Champions with brand new NWAO Title belts.

(Due to technical difficulties, the entrances and first few seconds of each match are missing from the recordings. Steps have been taken to alleviate this issue for future shows. NWAO would like to apologize to the fans for any inconvenience.)

NWAO Tag Team Titles
Barry Windham & Ron Garvin vs. Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton

Barry Windham & Ron Garvin became the first NWAO Tag Team champions after Garvin made Dennis Condrey submit to the Sharpshooter
Match Rating: 90%
Time: 23 Mins 18 sec

After the match, Barry Windham cut a promo stating that he and Ronnie are proud to be in Ontario and part of NWAO. He warned everyone in the locker room that they are the real deal and are here in NWAO to stay.

NWAO Northern Title
Pat Patterson vs. Rene Goulet

Pat Patterson defeated Rene Goulet after an Atomic Drop to pinfall at 25 mins 34 seconds to become the first NWAO Northern Champion

Match Rating: 100%
Time: 25 Mins 34 sec

When the match concluded, Pat Patterson helped Rene Goulet to his feet, shook his hand and gave him a big hug as the crowd cheered as they embraced. Patterson raised Goulet’s hands as both wrestlers saluted each other and the crowd in what was a very sentimental moment between the Ontario audience and two french wrestlers from Quebec receiving such a warm welcoming and battling it out in a great match for the fans. This match and the aftermath will likely be heralded as classic if anyone managed to produce a bootleg video. It was hard not to feel the love and respect in the room.

NWAO Heavyweight Title
Terry Funk vs. Kevin Sullivan

Terry Funk defeated Rene Goulet with a Jumping Pile driver and a three-count to become the first NWAO Heavyweight Champion.

Match Rating: 100%
Time: 24 Mins 46 sec

When the final match was over, with Terry Funk a bloody mess, both men laid motionless in the ring as the exhausted crowd gave them a standing ovation. As Funk was crowned the new and first NWAO Heavyweight Champion, the crowd chanted “Thank You, Terry!”

And as the first ever NWAO House Show draws to a close, it was certainly an exciting night for everyone in attendance, and we have some new NWAO Champions to announce:

Terry Funk is the new NWAO Heavyweight Champion

Pat Patterson is the new NWAO Northern Champion

Barry Windham & Ron Garvin are the new NWAO Tag Team Champions


NWAO TV: Live from Maple Leaf Gardens
January: Week Two
Toronto, ON

Announcer: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the second episode of NWAO TV as we bring you action from the National Wrestling Alliance of Ontario in Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We are set for some great wrestling tonight here in the Garden, as all of the NWAO titleholders are present in the locker room, and many other superstars are on hand and ready to fight in front of this roaring capacity crowd.

We would now like to direct your attention to the ring for exhibition singles action.

Goldie Rogers vs. Rip Oliver

Goldie Rogers defeated Rip Oliver via pinfall after a Neckbreaker.


Interviewer: “I am here with none other than Pez Whatley and Rip Rogers who were on hand last week to witness that tag team title match when Barry Windham and Ron Garvin became the new NWAO Tag Team champions after they defeated “The Midnight Express” Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condey, and now Rip Rogers and Pez Whatley seem to have something they want to say about it.”

Rip Rogers: “That’s right! Barry Windham and Ron Garvin?! Tag Team Champions?! That’s a load of bullcrap! The only reason that is a real sentence is because Windham and Garvin were lucky enough to face the likes Midnight Express rather than some real tough-guys like my buddy here, Pez Whatley! If it was us in the ring last week, we would be the champs right now.”

Pez Whatley: “And you know that!! Windham and Garvin, you got lucky and you know it. You do not deserve those Tag Team titles, so we are here to take them. We want a match for those titles tonight and we’ll find a way to make it happen! You better watch yourselves. And that goes for any other tag teams back there. We are here the tag titles and there’s nothing and no one…”

Announcer: Whoa whoa, what is this? Would you look at that, it’s “the Midnight Express” Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey. They’re showing no fear here tonight.

Bobby Eaton: “Are you crazy? Is this your first day here? You have no idea what you’re talking about. Even though we may have lost our first shot at the tag titles last week, we’re still the number one contenders. So, if you think you can show up and demand a title shot without getting over any hurdles first, then you don’t…”

Announcer: Wha…!? Now what??! It’s the champs! It’s the NWAO Tag Team champions, Barry Windham and Ron Garvin. It looks like they’re not having any of this nonsense.

Barry Windham: “Okay. It looks like we have a bit of a dilemma here. One team, and obviously the best team, with the NWAO Tag titles. And two other teams who want those tag titles. If you look at the equation, the math is pretty simple. We’ll defend these titles at the NWAO January Main Event against whichever team wins a number one contender tag team match … tonight. Now, how does that work for everybody?”

Both Teams look at each other, and nod as they all slowly back away.

Announcer: And there you have it, it looks like we will be having a number one contender tag team match-up for the NWAO Tag Team titles. It will be Pez Whatley and Rip Rogers taking on “The Midnight Express” Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey, and the teams are making their way to the ring.

Pez Whatley & Rip Rogers vs. The Midnight Express

Pez Whatley & Rip Rogers defeated The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) via sleeperhold submission.

Match rating: 96%
Time: 24 min 34 sec

After the match, Rip Rogers grabbed a microphone and demanded a tag team title shot at the next NWAO show.

Announcer: There you have it folks. What a match. Pez Whatley and Rip Rogers have defeated the Midnight Express for the number one contender spot for the NWAO tag team titles and will face off against Barry Windham and Ron Garvin for the titles at the next NWAO show. But now, up next, we have action in the ring as Rocky Johnson takes on Mike Jackson.

Rocky Johnson vs Mike Jackson

Rocky Johnson defeated Mike Jackson in a squash match via pinfall after a spinning dropkick.

Match Rating: 76%
Time: 9 Mins 47 sec

Announcer: What a physical specimen of strength, athletics, and wrestling skill, is Rocky Johnson as he makes quick work of Mike Jackson.

And now we take you backstage with Jim Ross and his new protege Brutus Beefcake.


Jim Ross: “Well, if you don’t already know who this is to my left here, his name is Brutus. Brutus Beefcake, and he is one of the most unique and talented individuals in the world of professional wrestling today. With me by his side as his manager, it is certain to be only a matter of time before he is among the top competitors in the business. There is nobody that can stand in our way.!”

Announcer: Oh no! Here is Bobby Duncum showing up to spoil the party of Jim Ross and Brutus Beefcake. Bobby looks like he means business.

Bobby Duncum: “In all my years in the business and in this territory, I have seen some crazy things, but I have never heard anything so stupid. Jim Ross, you should know better. A guy like Brutus Beefcake, as over-hyped and overzealous as they come is not going to go very far while I’m around. You need to prove yourself in this business and work your way up. Listen here, young gun. If you really think you have what it takes, why don’t you step in the ring with me and find out what it’s like to fight a real man?”

Announcer: Well, that sounds like we have a challenge on our hands. Let’s see if they’ll accept…

Jim Ross and Brutus Beefcake confer quietly among themselves for a moment before nodding in agreement to the challenge.

Jim Ross: “Challenge accepted! You’ve got yourself a match!”

Brutus and Bobby aggressively shake on it.

Bobby Duncum vs. Brutus Beefcake (w/ Jim Ross)

Bobby Duncum defeated Brutus Beefcake via Sleeperhold submission in this slobberknocker.

Match Rating: 100%
Time: 42 mins 11 sec

An absolute classic for the ages. Beefcake put up more of a fight than anyone was expecting before passing out in Duncums arms.

After the match, an angry Jim Ross gets on the mic and disagrees with the finish of the match and demands a rematch, as B.B. chases the referee around ringside. Other officials and security have to be brought to ringside to bring the men backstage. (later it is announced that a rematch is booked for the next NWAO show)

Buddy Landel vs Rocco Rock

Buddy Landel defeated Rocco Rock via pinfall after a Jumping Pile driver

Match Rating: 81%
Time: 12 Mins 51 sec

After the match, as a how of respect in the ring as Buddy puts Rocco over with a handshake. The crowd erupts with cheers and applause for both competitors after a surprisingly great match.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen we have an announcement. As you saw in earlier action tonight, Jim Ross demanded a rematch for his client Brutus Beefcake against Bobby Duncum, declaring that their match tonight did not finish fairly. It has been booked, and we are announcing that there will be a rematch between Bobby Duncum and Brutus Beefcake with Jim Ross in his corner, at the NWAO January Main Event show.

Announcer: And we have another announcement, as we have just received word that Terry Funk is in the building and wants to defend his NWAO Heavyweight title tonight, but first he has something to say. We bring you backstage for a word from the man himself, NWAO Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk.

(Terry Funk is sitting on a folding chair backstage, looking pensive, with a towel draped around his neck, holding bottle of water.)

Terry Funk: “In all my years in this business, I had always dreamed of becoming the heavyweight champion. I had never imagined it would feel so wonderful on the day that it finally happened. My heart is filled with so much love and respect. For you, the fans. For the organization that gave me this opportunity, the National Wrestling Alliance of Ontario. And also for my opponent, Kevin Sullivan. You might be a son of a bitch, but you were one hell of a competitor in the ring, and you brought out the best in the Funker. For that, I thank you. You son of a bitch! You aren’t half the man that I am, or half the man that my friend Rene Goulet is. That’s why I want to give Rene Goulet a title shot tonight. Rene is a real man who fights like a champ, and has always done right by the Funker, but he has been overlooked by every promotion that has ever booked him. So tonight, I want to give my friend a shot for the match of his life.”

Rene Goulet is seen approaching from behind, looking calm and friendly.

Rene Goulet: “Hey Terry, congratulations, Mr. Champion eh?. You deserve it my friend, nobody but you. I am honoured that you want to give me a title shot. Obviously, I graciously accept, and I promise tonight, we will have a clean match, okay? No hard feelings, no bad blood. Just a good contest between friends.”

Terry Funk: “Aww Thanks ol’ buddy. I really appreciate that and I’m looking forward to it myself.”

They shake hands.

Announcer: Well, there you have it folks. Terry Funk has extended the invitation and Rene Goulet has accepted. Later on tonight, we will have a singles competition for the NWAO Heavyweight Title as Terry Funk defends against his old friend, Rene Goulet, in a match of respect and honour.


Pat Patterson is in the ring celebrating his NWAO northern title.

Pat Patterson: "Well, well, well. Bonjour, mon ami. Oh Canada. I am pleased to honour you with my presence and am proud to stand here as your NWAO Northern Champion. Last week was a grueling match but I proved that I am the man, I am the Northern Champion and I am here to stay. Nobody in that locker room or this territory is going to take this title from me. You will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Announcer: Bob Orton Sr. It’s Bob Orton Sr. And that is his son with him, it’s Bob Orton Jr. alongside his legendary father, Bob Orton Sr. Ladies and Gentlemen, business is about to pick-up here.

Bob Orton Sr. and Bob Orton Jr. enter the ring and square-off with Pat Patterson.

Bob Orton Sr.: "Pat, you may have won the NWAO Northern Title in a match, but you have yet to defend it. So before you go getting high and mighty, you better watch yourself and consider you are lucky enough to be in the rank with. You see my son here? Bob Orton Jr., he has legendary blood flowing through his veins. So you better believe that when he sets his sights on you, he is going to take your precious title from you with ease. Make no mistake, he will be the NWAO Northern Champion one day.

Bob Orton Jr.: “That’s right! Like my dad said, I’m a legend in the making. It’s only a matter of time. So, I say we stop wasting time. Patterson, if you’re man enough, why don’t we do this right here, right now?”

Bob Orton Sr.: “What? No! Son, what are you doing? That’s not the plan! Stick to the plan!”

Bob Orton Jr.: “I don’t care, Pop. I want this guy and his belt!”

Announcer: Oh My Gosh, things are heating up in the ring as Bob Orton Sr. tries to hold back his son, Bob Orton Jr., who wants a piece of Pat Patterson for the NWAO Northern title right now!

Pat Patterson: “Okay, alright, tough guy! You want a shot. You got your shot! Let’s go right now. Come on, get a referee down here and let’s go.”

Announcer: It looks like we have an agreement for an NWAO Northern Title match right here and now between Pat Patterson and Bob Orton Jr. Let’s get a referee into the ring to start the action.

And the bell rings.

Pat Patterson © vs. Bob Orton Jr.

Pat Patterson defated Bob Orton Jr. via pinfall after a jumping piledriver to retain the NWAO Northern Title.

Match Rating: 81%
Time: 12 Mins 51 sec

After the match, Bob Orton Jr. reaches out to shake Pat Patterson’s hand in a seeming show of respect but his father, Bob Orton Sr, blindsides Patterson from behind. Father and Son continue beating down the champion until Jos Leduc runs-in and saves Pat.

Announcer: And now, the moment we have all been waiting for. The NWAO Heavyweight Championship match between long time friends, Terry Funk vs. Rene Goulet.

Terry Funk © vs. Rene Goulet

Terry Funk defeated Rene Goulet via DQ interference by Kevin Sullivan. Funk retained the title.

Match Rating 61%
Time: 10 Mins 54 sec

After the match ends in a Disqualification when Kevin Sullivan ran-in and attacked Terry Funk, Funk retains his NWAO Title belt but Rene Goulet got screwed out of a legitimate title match. Rene Goulet stands in the ring looking visibly unsatisfied and disgruntled, glaring at Sullivan and Funk as they brawl around the ringside area.

Goulet does not help his friend, and champion, Terry Funk.

Announcer: Everyone here at the NWAO would like to thank you for joining us here tonight in Maple Leaf Gardens for some National Wrestling Alliance of Ontario action. It was certainly a night of unexpected events, and we hope you enjoyed the show.

Don’t forget, we’ll see you next week for the NWAO January Main Event Show, which is shaping up to be one hell of a card.




Friday, January 25, 1980
Toronto, ON
Broadcast Live from Maple Leaf Gardens

Full Show

PROMO: Midnight Express showed up unannounced and challenged any team in the locker room
PROMO: Buddy Landel showed up with Rocco Rock (who he defeated last week in a great match), and challenged the former tag champs).
EXHIBITION TAG MATCH: Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) defeated Buddy Landel & Rocco Rock (match rating: 71.00%, time: 8 min 49 sec)
EXHIBITION SINGLES MATCH: George Steele defeated Mike Jackson (Match rating: 62.00%, time: 7 Min 48 Sec)
PROMO: Pat Patterson (with Jos Leduc) thanks Leduc for his help last week and calls out the Ortons, says they have no respect and should quit the business.
PROMO: Orton Sr and Jr arrive and confront Patterson and Leduc. Orton Sr says Patterson isn’t a man if he refuses to defend his title against Jr tonight. Patterson accepts the challenge.
EXHIBITION SINGLES MATCH: Rocky Johnson defeated Goldie Rogers (Match Rating: 90.00%, Time: 8 min 51 sec)
PROMO: Mene Gene Okerlund in the ring with Brutus Beefcake announce they have spoken with officials to make the match tonight NO DQ
EXHIBITION SINGLES MATCH: Bobby Duncum defeated Brutus Beefcake Match Rating: 100.00%, Time: 21 min 29 sec)
PROMO: Pat Patterson (w/ Jos Leduc) announce stipulation that Orton Sr must remain backstage during the match.
NWAO NORTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE MATCH: Bob Orton Jr won the title from Pat Patterson (Match Rating: 98.00%, Time: 16 min 36 sec)
PROMO: After the match, Orton Jr grabbed a mic and laughed at Patterson for falling into the trap of agreeing to a match he wasn’t prepared for.
PROMO: Before the Tag Team Title match, Pez Whatley predicts he and Rip Rogers will win and then offer to defend against Midnight Express.
NWAO TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Barry Windham & Ron Garvin defend the titles against Pez Whatley & Rip Rogers (Match Rating: 81.00%, Time: 16 min 32 sec)
PROMO: Before Windham and Garvin can leave with the titles, Midnight Express show up to make a challenge for the belts
PROMO: Before the three way dance, Funk proposes to maintain the theme of the night and add a stipulation to the title match. NO DQ, all men agree.
NWAO HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE MATCH: Terry Funk retained the title against Kevin Sullivan and Rene Goulet (Match Rating: 95.00%, Time: Too Long)

Northwest Championship Wrestling Monthly Results- January 1980 POSTED
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