Northwest Championship Wrestling Monthy Results- March 1980 SUPERSHOW


March saw the first SUPERSHOW in the young history of Promotion, where two champions were crowned, and rivalries were settled… for now.

In the lead up to the show, the Blackhearts defeated Los Mexicanos and Powerslam defeated Maple Stars to earn a shot at the tag team belts. It was also announced that Davy Boy Smith would not accompany his tag team partner Dynamite Kid to the ring for his Heavyweight Title fight. No specific reason was given, though most assumed Davy Boy’s injuries were the reason.

Below are recaps from all the matches at SUPERSHOW, which took place at the famed McArther Court in Eugene Oregon, including live footage of all the matches.

David Von Erich vs Jim Duggan

A hard hitting opener saw both men battle back and forth. Von Erich, trying to shake off his early round exit from the Heavyweight tournament, could not keep Duggan down, as the roughneck was eventually able to put David down for the three count.

WInner: Jim Duggan

Tag Team Championship
Powerslam vs Blackhearts

This was a heavy hitting war. Powerslam took to the offensive early on, and it looked like they might make quick work of their fellow challengers, but the Blackhearts fought back. At one point all four men where outside the ring, and it looked like the whole match would end in a count out draw. But eventually the action moved back inside and a devastating from Fit Finely sealed the deal.

Winner: Powerslam

Cage Match
Bruiser Brody vs Ivan Koloff

This was exactly the type of bloodbath you would expect from these two. Less concerned with putting on a match and more concerned with hurting each other, both men used everything in their disposal to try and injure the other. A first crack at the heavyweight title was a good additional incentive. Battered and bloodied, it took a piledriver on top of not one, but two chairs before Bruiser was finally able to put Koloff away.

Winner: Bruiser Brody

After the match- both men refused medical attention and insisted on walking to the back…

MAIN EVENT: Northwest Heavyweight Title
Dynamite Kid vs Roddy Piper

This match worked around a contrast in styles. Piper made efforts to keep the match on the ground and the pace methodical, world holds and keeping Dynamite off his feet. Meanwhile Dynamite worked his athletic advantage to quicken the pace, keeping Piper off balance. The match seemed to favor Dynamite, and a trio of head drops looked to seal the deal- but Piper fought through and eventually sunk in a sleeper that Dynamite Kid couldn’t escape from.

Winner: Roddy Piper

After the match- As Piper celebrated Davy Boy Smith came out, arm in a sling. He proceeded to help up Dynamite… before giving him a vicious closeline. Both he and Piper put the boots to Dynamite and celebrated as the show went off the air…

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