Northwest Championship Wrestling Monthy Results- April 1980


On the heels of the first major show in the promotions history- one that crowned a heavyweight and tag team champion- Northwest Championship Wrestling stormed through the month of April with a collection of shows that should start setting the table for the next Supershow in June…

April 5th, 1980: Boise, ID

Kevin Sullivan defeats Pat Barrett
The Funks defeat Maple Stars
David Von Erich vs One Man Gang went to a double count out DQ.
Brett and Buzz Sawyer defeat British Bulldogs to become #1 Contenders

Show Recap:
The show actually opened with the newly crowned champ, Roddy Piper, calling out Bruiser Brody- the #1 contender for his belt and opponent at the April 19th show. Both men exchanged barbs before a pull apart brawl caused security to have to escort both men out of the building. Both Kevin Sullivan and the Funks impressed in his debut with the company, making short work of Pat Barrett and the Maple Stars respectively. The Funks, who have a shot at the world tag belts, called out the Malenkos after their match. David Von Erich seemed to have a much needed victory until One Man Gang tossed him outside and the action never got back into the ring.

In the main event, the debuting Brett and Buzz Sawyer looked extremely impressive in defeating the British Bulldogs for a shot at the NCW tag team belts. Afterwards, Davy Boy Smith laid into Dynamite Kid, leaving him unconscious in the ring as the show ended…

April 12th, 1980: Spokane, WA

David Von Erich defeats Hillbilly Jim
Powerslam defeats Maple Stars
Davy Boy Smith defeats Jim Duggan
Roddy Piper and Ivan Koloff defeat Bruiser Brody and Kevin Sullivan

Show Recap:
David Von Erich seemed to be embracing a new, aggressive style for this match. He was relentless in attacking the legs of Hillbilly- to the point that eventually Hillbilly couldn’t stand. The aggressiveness continued after the match as well, and Hillbilly needed assistance to the back. Powerslam looked very impressive ahead of their title fight, and Davy Boy Smith put on an impressive showing against Jim Duggan. After the match, Davy Boy mocked Dynamite not being here tonight due to injury. He claimed the injury was a hoax and that he was just avoiding another beatdown.

In the main event, Piper and Koloff (an unusual paring) defeated Brody and Sullivan when Piper distracted Brody and the ref while Sullivan ate a chair shot from Koloff. The show ended with Piper and Brody jawing back and forth with each other.

April 19th, 1980: Seattle, WA

Davy Boy Smith defeats Pat Barrett
NCW Tag Title: Brett and Buzz Sawyer defeat Powerslam
World Tag Title: The Funks defeat The Malenko’s
NCW Heavyweight Title: Bruiser Brody defeats Roddy Piper

Show Recap:
Three belts all on the line for this one. The opener had Davy Boy beat Pat Barrett, but after the match Dynamite came through the crowd and attacked Davy Boy. Security had to come in to separate the two. In the NCW tag team title match, The Sawyers defeated Powerslam in an extremely physical match to become NEW tag team champions. The belt switch would continue in the World tag team match, and the Funks looked dominate in capturing the belts.

In the main event, Bruiser Brody would defeat Roddy Piper in a war of a match. Tons of back and forth, and it looked like Piper would end it with the sleeper multiple times, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Afterwards, as Brody celebrated, Dick Murdoch would shockingly come to the ring. As the two began to stare each other down- Murdoch would point to the belt and then exit and leave the ring as the show went off the air…


I’m surprised by the push the Sawyers are getting. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just unexpected.

I’m not surprised to see Brody beat Piper, but I think I would have preferred champion Piper. I hope Murdoch takes it from Brody if they’re going to feud now.


Some of direction changes came from the roster suddenly getting guys from defunct territories and me getting excited about using them- especially the tag division haha. I would expect Piper to stay close to the Heavyweight championship scene…

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