Northwest Championship Wrestling Monthly Results- May 1980


May was an eventful month for Northwest Championship Wrestling, with multiple World Title fights involving the promotion, and the lead up to the June Supershow creating a clear picture for where the promotions own belts are headed.

May 9th, 1980: Portland, Oregon
Roddy Piper defeats Pat Barrett
Powerslam defeat Maple Stars
David Von Erich defeats Jim Duggan

Show Recap:
The show opened with an announcement to the crowd- that Davy Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid will face off next month- but due to the interference in last month’s shows, neither man is allowed physical contact with the other until the match. Failure to comply would result in suspension. Neither man was expected in the building. It was also announced that Bruiser Brody would face Dick Murdoch for the Heavyweight Championship in June.

The undercard saw two one sided victories, with Roddy Piper making quick work of Pat Barrett, and Powerslam demolishing Maple Stars.

In the main event, David Von Erich avenged his first loss in NCW by defeating Jim Duggan. After the match, a streaking Von Erich called out champion Bruiser Brody, but instead got Roddy Piper, who said the road to a title shot ran through him.

May 16th, 1980: Salem, Oregon
Ivan Koloff defeats Larry Sharpe
Blackhearts defeats One Man Gang and Hillbilly Jim
Roddy Piper defeats Kevin Sullivan

Show Recap:
Davy Boy Smith opened the show cutting a seething promo on former friend and partner Dynamite Kid. Smith claimed that Dynamite is jealous of him, of his talent, and intentionally hurt him during the heavyweight tournament. He claimed at the June Supershow, he would return the favor. Ivan Koloff made quick work of Larry Sharpe, and the Blackhearts looked impressive defeating One Man Gang and Hillbilly Jim.

Dick Murdoch came out and cut a promo on Bruiser Brody, claiming his second world title loss showed he couldn’t represent the promotion as champion, and that in June- he would show everyone what a real champion looked like.

In the main event, Roddy Piper and Kevin Sullivan put on a brutal match that saw both men bloodied by the end. Sullivan looked to perhaps have the match in hand before Piper reversed the finish into a piledriver, then sunk in the sleeper hold for the victory. Afterwards, it was David Von Erich’s turn to present himself on the ramp, and the two seemed to exchange words as the show went off the air.

May 23rd, 1980: Eugene, OR
NCW Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match: Roddy Piper defeats Dynamite Kid
NCW Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match: David Von Erich defeats Ivan Koloff
NCW Tag Title: Brett and Buzz Sawyer and The Funks end in a time limit draw

Show Recap:
Before the show started, it was announced that there would be two #1 contender matches for the Heavyweight title. The winners of both matches would face off in June for the next shot at the Heavyweight belt.

Roddy Piper and Dynamite picked up where they left off in the heavyweight tournament. Dynamite looked poised to avenge his loss when Davy Boy showed up from the crowd and distracted Dynamite, who was rolled up with the tights for the pin fall. In the other match, David Von Erich defeated Ivan Koloff despite being battered for most of the match. This one was a classic, and even Koloff was forced to show a rare sign of respect by shaking hands with Von Erich before leaving the ring. Afterwards, Piper came down for a faceoff ahead of their match next month.

In the main event, the Sawyer’s issued an open challenge for their tag team belts. The Funks answered, walking down with their newly defended World Tag Titles. Dory got on the mic and said that it doesn’t make sense for them to be the World Tag champs, but not the champs in their own promotion. Terry added how they need a more interesting opponent anyways since the Rock and Roll Express can’t beat them unless the old man joins in. A brawl immediately broke out- one the ref never fully got under control, with constant 4 man action, and spillage into the surrounding ringside. Both teams seemed more interested in just fighting than actually trying to win- thus resulting in a time limit draw.

After the match The Funks challenged the Sawyers to a rematch at the Supershow, with Buzz eagerly accepted.

The card for next month’s show has been finalized:

NCW Heavyweight Title: Bruiser Brody vs Dick Murdoch
NCW Tag Title: Brett and Buzz Sawyer vs The Funks
#1 Contenders Match No DQ: Roddy Piper vs David Von Erich
Dynamite Kid vs Davy Boy Smith

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