Northwest Championship Wrestling Monthly Results- January 1980 POSTED


Welcome, to Northwest Championship Wrestling! NCW is a proud member of the North American Wrestling Coalition, and tours the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho to bring exciting, action packed entertainment on a weekly basis.

January was a busy month for the promotion, with the kickoff of the Northwest Heavyweight Championship tournament. The tournament will take place over the next 2 months, with the final match taking place at the March SUPERSHOW in Portland, Oregon. The brackets for the tournament are as follows:

This month also saw the first World Heavyweight title fight take place in Seattle, as Stan Hansen defended his title against Bruiser Brody in an instant classic.

Below are recaps and results from all four shows, including live footage of the main events.


Taking place in MacArthur Court on the University of Oregon campus, the show opened with an interview of Bruiser Brody- the number one contender to the NAWC World Heavyweight Championship. Brody called out the champ, Stan Hensen- claiming that he didn’t know what he was getting himself into, and that in Seattle, it wouldn’t be a match, it would be a fight. He claimed that he would give Hensen a beating he had never suffered before, and on January 25th, the he would become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Ivan Koloff defeats Jay York
British Bulldogs defeat Los Mexicanos (Super Parka & El Dorado)

Both matches were quick and decisive. Koloff threw Jay York around the ring before pinning him. He then proceeded to toss York out of the ring and beat on him more at ringside, before tossing him over the barricade and walking to the back. The Bulldogs and Mexicano’s flew around the ring before Davy Boy caught Super Parka in a suplex, and Dynamite finished it off with a flying headbutt.

Northwest Heavyweight Tournament Match:
David Von Erich vs Jim Duggan


Maybe the biggest early upset of the tournament. The highly regarded Von Erich never really got going, and seemed to be constantly fighting off Duggan’s power. After eating several piledrivers, David tried fruitlessly to mount a counter offense with strikes and kicks. Duggan seemed determined and unfazed, throwing the Texan out of the ring and waiting patiently to unleash a massive closeline once Von Erich re-entered. The punishment was too much, and Duggan was able to secure the pinfall.

Winner: Jim Duggan


Taking place at the Portland Sports Arena, the show opened with two matches:

One Man Gang defeats vs Johnny Rivera
Blackhearts (Black Bart & Jerry Blackwell) defeat vs Los Mexicanos (Super Parka & El Dorado)

Show opened with One Man Gang picking up the quick victory over Johnny Rivera with a vicious splash. The Blackhearts and Los Mexicano’s had a back and forth match that ended after Jerry Blackwell distracted the referee and Black Bart gave a low blow to El Dorado for the pinfall.

The Bulldogs were interviewed next, and both Davy Boy and Dynamite expressed excitement over the potential of both men facing each other in the second round of the tournament. Davy Boy then turned his attention to the rest of the tag team division, stating that they are the only team with the prestige to carry the Northwest Tag Team belts, and before it’s all said and done the two of them would hold every major title the promotion put forth.

Northwest Heavyweight Tournament Match:
Roddy Piper vs Hillbilly Jim


A heavy hitting affair from the beginning. Hillbilly used his size advantage to cut off the ring and repeatedly slammed Piper on the mat, taking the fight to the ground. Eventually, the match devolved from technique and turned into a full scale brawl. Piper seemed to feed off of the punishment, and eventually was able to sink in the sleeper hold for the win.

Winner: Roddy Piper


Taking place at Avista Stadium in surprisingly dry weather, the show started out with an interview with the world champ, Stan Hansen. Stan said that he agreed with Brody, that this would be a fight, not a match, and guaranteed that not only would Brody not walk out of Seattle as the Word Champion, he wasn’t even going to be able to walk out of the ring period. Brody then came down to the ring and a face off occurred, with both men obviously talking trash. Brody then slapped Hansen, and a brawl erupts, with both men needing to be pulled apart by security.

One Man Gang defeats Jay York
Powerslam (Fit Finley & Jim Neidhart) vs Maple Stars (Larry Sharpe & Luke Graham) ends in double count out

Another quick match for One Man Gang, making short work of Jay York. Powerslam vs Maple Stars looked like a classic match early, but Neidhart body slammed Larry Sharpe out of the ring, and all four men started a brawl that didn’t end, and the ref was forced to DQ the match when no one returned to the ring. Eventually separated, both teams looked heated, with finger pointing and shouts back and forth.

Northwest Heavyweight Tournament Match:
Davy Boy Smith vs Black Bart


Black Bart tried everything he could to keep Davy Boy down, but the Bulldog’s athleticism proved too much in the end. Bart continuously attempted to “dirty” up the match, using head butts and corner strikes in an attempt to keep Davy Boy off balance, it just never seemed to work. Eventually, Davy Boy would land an Oklahoma Slam, followed by a flash rollup for the victory and a spot in the semifinals.

Winner: Davy Boy Smith


The final stop on the January tour was the Seattle Center Coliseum, which housed the first ever NAWC Heavyweight Title match. The show kicked right off with the undercard:

Johnny Rivera defeated Ivan Koloff via DQ
Powerslam vs Blackhearts ends in a no contest due to interference from Maple Stars

The opening saw Ivan Koloff go wild on Johnny Rivera, eventually refusing to let go of a chokehold with Rivera on the ropes. After repeated warnings the ref eventually rang the bell. Koloff shoved the ref to the ground and spite at fans on his way to the back. The tag match had a similarly disappointing, after a good back and forth to start the match, Maple Stars come down to watch- mocking Powerslam. Eventually all three teams begin brawling- with the match thrown out completely.

Northwest Heavyweight Tournament Match:
Dynamite Kid vs Fit Finley


Very likely the best match of the first round of the tournament. To highly trained wrestlers, and neither willing to give an inch. Fit Finely started off taking the fight to the ground, keeping the more athletic Dynamite Kid from pushing the pace and taking to the air. That strategy only worked for so long, before Dynamite was able to break free and run roughshod on the Irish brawler. Dynamite would eventually rain flying headbutt after flying headbutt until Finley was unable to kick out of the pinfall.

Winner: Dynamite Kid

NAWC Heavyweight Title Match
Bruiser Brody vs Stan Hansen


This match was everything both men promised it would be. No holds, no technical wrestling, just fists and feet. Neither man seemed to be able to get a clear advantage early, until Brody took a bite out of Hansen’s face- cutting open the champ. Brody took that opening and started applying offense. He sunk in a Boston crap that Stan barely got to the ropes for. Then Brody hit a piledriver for a close nearfall. The champ started fighting back with head butts and lariets, eventually tossing Brody outside. Hansen started feeling the momentum- tossing the challenger into the railings and bodyslamming him on the floor. The match looked destined to be another DQ via count out, but both men barely got back into the ring in time, where Brody ate a devastating pile driver… for a very close nearfall. Desperately, Bruiser countered into a running powerslam but cannot cover. Back and forth now as both men started to gas. Brody visibly played to the home crowd, trying to dig into whatever reserves he had left, but the champ would have none of it- delivering a massive closeline for… another nearfall. Again Hansen tosses the challenger outside, only this time Brody counters and delivers a piledriver right on the outside. The champ barely makes it back inside the ring, and momentum is squarely with the challenger- who hits another running powerslam followed by a football tackle. After the third running powerslam, Hansen is able to somehow back drop Brody and both men lay on the mat exhausted. Somehow they both manage to get up before the 10 count, and Brody immediately nails a King Kong knee drop…. For another nearfall. Visibly frustrated, Brody picks up the champ and hits another piledriver… but again Hansen kicks out. Beside himself, Brody goes for what looks like another piledrier but is countered and thrown to the corner. Hansen manages to hit a 2nd rope suplex, then follows it up with a crushing lariat…for the three count.

Winner and still WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: Stan Hansen

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