Northwest Championship Wrestling Monthly Results- Feburary 1980


February marked an important milestone for the promotion, as the two contestants for the inaugural Heavyweight Championship match have now been set, with the champion to be decided at next months SUPERSHOW in Portland, Oregon. We also saw other potential matches for next months’s show starting to take shape…

Heading into the latest tour, the semi-final matches for the tournament have been set. The British Bulldogs will face each other in a match both claimed to have wanted. And Roddy Piper will try and prevent Jim Duggan from delivering a second straight upset…

Below are recaps and results from all three shows, including live footage of the main events.

FEBRUARY 9th, 1980: Boise, ID

Before the show kicked off it was announced that Bruiser Brody would face an as yet to be determined wrestler for the #1 Contendership to the Northwest title at the March SUPERSHOW.

Ivan Koloff defeats Jay York

Koloff made quick work of York, and afterwards grabbed a mic claiming that he was the only viable opponent to face Brody, and everyone was too afraid to face him- which is why he wasn’t in the tournament. Koloff then said he had a message for Brody- and proceeded to break Jay Yorks arm.

British Bulldogs defeat Los Mexicanos (Super Parka & El Dorado)

A fast paced match with Los Mexixcanos working in a more lucha style that seemed to please a crowd unfamiliar with the style. But at the end of the day, the Bulldogs used their ring presence and strength to slow down their opponents, and a piledriver/flying headbutt combination from Dynamite Kid proved enough to put them away

Northwest Heavyweight Tournament Match:
Roddy Piper vs Jim Duggan


This match was just a straight up fight. Both men exchanging punches and kicks, it seemed like both were more interested in hurting each other than winning the match. Duggan was opened up early, and Piper worked that to his advantage, using eye rakes to further blind his opponent, then work slams into submissions. But Duggan would not back down, countering with tackles and running powerslams to keep Piper off his feet. In the end though Duggan seemed to tire and give Roddy the opening he needed to apply the sleeper hold for the win.

Winner: Roddy Piper

FEBRUARY 16th, 1980: Salem, OR

The show opened with Ivan Koloff coming out demanding again that he face Bruiser Brody for the #1 Contendership. He said if he needed to prove it again, just watch.

Ivan Koloff defeats vs Johnny Rivera

Another quick ending to the match, but as Koloff goes to break another arm, Brody comes out for the save. As Koloff is walking to the back Brody says he accepts the challenge- but the match will need to be in a cage, so he has nowhere to hide when he beats him bloody.

The Bulldogs are interviewed backstage and repeat that they are excited to face each other in the heavyweight tournament, and that they just want the best man to win, because whoever does is going to beat Roddy Piper at the SUPERSHOW in March.

Powerslam (Fit Finley & Jim Neidhart) vs Blackhearts (Black Bart & Jerry Blackwell) ends in a double DQ

This match was a slugfest… so much so that eventually all hell broke loose. Black Bart eventually grabbed a chair, all four men where in the ring together beating on each other that the referee eventually had to call for the bell.

It was announced that March would kick off a tag team tournament that would conclude at the SUPERSHOW with at tag team title match.

Participants for the Tag team Tournament:
Powerslam (Fit Finley & Jim Neidhart)
Blackhearts (Black Bart & Jerry Blackwell)
Maple Stars (Larry Sharpe & Luke Graham)
Los Mexicanos (Super Parka & El Dorado)

British Bulldogs vs Bruiser Brody & David Von Erich


A true showcase to what these four men can do in the ring. Lots of back and forth, and the first time pairing of Von Erich and Brody didn’t seem to show any disadvantage against the established Bulldogs. In fact, it looked like, after a devastating top rope leg drop from Brody that the Bulldogs would not be able to recover. But Dynamite Kid could not be held down, and the two teams exchanged near fall after near fall until finally a small package from Dynamite right as Von Erich was looking for a tag put an end to this instant classic.

Winner: British Bulldogs

FEBRUARY 23th, 1980: Eugene, OR

Bruiser Brody opened the show with an interview, saying he was glad Koloff called him out, he needed the motivation after coming up short in his World title match. He needed this match to prove to himself, and these people, that he is still the best- and that the Northwest title, and the World title, were both still belts that he planned to have around his waist

One Man Gang defeats El Dorado
David Von Erich defeats Larry Sharpe

Both matches were quick and decisive, with Von Erich getting on the mic afterwards and challenging anyone in the back to a match at SUPERSHOW. He stated that losing in the first round of the tournament is killing him, and he needs to move on- and start working his way back up to another shot. One Man Gang walked out and the two had a nose to nose stare down, seemingly indicating the challenge has been met.

Northwest Heavyweight Tournament Match:
Dynamite Kid vs Davy Boy Smith


The match started a little slow, perhaps both sides a little leery of going full out on the other, but slowly picked up as the match wore on. Both men used their strengths to their advantage, with Dynamite keeping the pace up and using dives and the ropes, while Davy Boy tried to slow the pace with throws and cutting off the ring. Dynamite would eventually hit his top rope head drop that seemed to be the end, but Davy Boy kicked out. Davy would come back with a running powerslam of his own for a near fall. Back and forth as both men are now going full out. Dynamite lands a crushing kick to the midsection that seems to fold Davy Boy, and the Kid takes advantage to hit another Head Drop right to the ribs where you can almost hear them break. The ref call for the bell.

Winner: Dynamite Kid

After the match…

Medics tend to Davy Boy as Dynamite looks on with concern. As Dynamite goes to help Davy Boy up, he shoves him away as the show goes off the air…

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