No Online DLC Check for 2.0


This does NOT circumvent the need to purchase the DLC, it does however remove the requirement that you always be online or logged into Steam to use the DLC. You will be required to start the game one time online so that it can complete it’s Initialization of the DLC content.

I will not offer support for this mod, so you are assuming all the risk, and you will be expected to figure out your own problems (though it’s a simple mod, so none should arise…) while using it.



Fantastic! The first thing everyone should have for their 2.0 installations


Ha, it’s like the priority increase all over again. Guess it will be critical until Spike actually removes the DRM, as I noticed there’s no official date for it.
And based on their track record…


The ridiculous part is that it’s literally one line that they need to change, and it absolutely will NOT effect anything else.

They’re just already aware that they’re gonna be slow about it and are covering their asses so they don’t get reamed when it takes them 3 weeks to change a single fucking line.


Maybe they already knew this and are using that time to find an alternate form of DRM to use.


I hope not.

DRM is stupid. Unless the game was built from the ground up with some DRM like Denuvo (which has been cracked, but is a lot harder to do) it’s not worth the time and effort it takes to implement as it’ll be cracked in 24 hours or less and available to the people who weren’t going to pay for it in the first place…leaving any DRM limitations or annoyances entirely on your legit customer base.