NAWC Official Rules


All logic, parameter, and skills are locked. Any changes requires a majority vote from other territory owners before any changes are allowed.

The exception is that territory owners may change the following logic settings for wrestlers in their promotions:
— If pins are enabled at ND, they may be set to 0. Points taken away from pins at ND can be put anywhere.
— If signatures or finishers don’t have an appropriate priority pin you may add it.

ALL logic/parameter/skill changes need to be reported even if they do not require permission first.

Each promotion will get a roster of 25 wrestlers. They will be broken down the following way:
2 wrestlers will be given 15 month contracts
5 wrestlers will be given 9 month contracts
8 wrestlers will be given 6 month contracts
5 wrestlers will be given 3 month contracts
5 wrestlers will be given short term contracts, these contracts can vary in length, but the total length of all 5 must be 5 months or less.

Free agent selection for short term contracts is done on a first come first serve basis. Only during the drafts will we have a prescribed order for selection. Territories do not have to use all 5 of their short-term contracts, but should NEVER have less than 20 wrestlers under contract.

A promotion may NOT sign a short term wrestler more than twice in a row. Short term contracts expiration do not trigger a free agent period, and are basically a way of using the free agents short term to add variety to your promotion.

A promotion based in North America may have no more than 5 Japanese workers under contract at any given time.

At the end of each 3 month period, we’ll have a free agent period. Each promotion may resign up to 4 wrestlers without question. The remaining free agents will be put into a pool and drafted. The draft order will be determined by a random list generator.

In order to best facilitate this, promotions are expected to send a list of releases to the acting president via PM.

On Jan. 1st of every year, every wrestler who retired in that year will retire, and every wrestler who debuted in that year will become available for selection. This makes the Jan. 1st drafts a bigger deal than the ones held throughout the year.

An organization wide World and World Tag Team champions will be selected. Once a month, the champion will travel to another territory to defend the title. The challenging territory will be chosen at random, and the promotion owner will choose who faces the champion(s). Initial champions will be decided via ballot. All championship matches will be simmed by the acting organization president. The home territory of the current champion will receive one additional vote in all organization votes (a total of 2 for normal promotions, and 3 if the home promotion is also headed by the acting president).

The acting president is in charge of simming all organization title matches. The acting president must have the ability to stream said title matches, and must have the ability to put said matches on YouTube for archival purposes. The active president can also call for votes on rule changes, additions, or addendum, or to remove someone from the organization for cheating (not reporting edit changes), or being inactive and non-communicative. The acting president also gets 2 votes on all matters and acts as the tie breaker should there ever be a vote that ends in a tie.

-=- TIMELINE -=-
All promotions run on the same timeline. All promotions are required to run at least one show per month. Your promotions schedule (just a general outline of shows per week) will need to be made public. NO PROMOTION MAY JUMP AHEAD OF ANOTHER PROMOTION! This is important to retain continuity between all promotions. We’re in this together, and we need to be patient and wait for all pending shows to post before we post ours. Once you noticed all pending shows have been posted, you are free to post any pending show you have waiting. If you notice another promotion has a show pending for more than 3 days and they haven’t not communicated with the group, please message the acting president.

No territory may promote a World, Global, International, Intercontinental, etc. title. That is the exclusive right of the overarching organization. There are no other restrictions on titles.

To start, all promotions will be assigned a random draft order. The draft will snake for 20 rounds. Talent trades are allowed during the draft, but ONLY during the draft. Once the drafts ends the rosters are finalized and the only way to get rid of or replace a wrestler is to wait for the contract to expire or for them to retire.

New promotions entering the organization can only enter during a free agent period. They will be allowed to pick 20 wrestlers from the free agent pool, after resigns have completed,. and then will receive preferential treatment (earlier draft numbers) during the free agent period directly following their incorporation.

All promotions must be based in North America.

All official communications will be done through Discord. Please join the Mod Suite Testing Ground discord and see the NAWC channels for more information or to interact with members.

Original edits are allowed, and there’s no restrictions on their overall point totals or logic. There is, however, a roster limit. No promotion may have more than 5 original creations on their roster at one time. Originals do not have contracts, and are not eligible for drafting or free agency. You may however loan your original creations to other promotions if they desire them. Original edits are not eligible for World or World Tag Team title shots.

At the beginning of every year, starting in 1981, the roster space available for custom edits increases by one.

Original Edits can also be created for jobbers or enhancement talent. These do not count towards your 5 original wrestler limit, but should only be used to put over other wrestlers. They should not win matches unless it is part of a story line that is not focused around them

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Will you be expanding the league?

Montreal / Quebec wants in.


We’re on a 5~ day ‘hiatus/extension’ right now while everyone figures out their mod situation. I believe we’ve had 1-2 dropouts, @Carlzilla is president though and will make the final call about bringing new promotions in. :+1:


We’d be happy to have you Phil, but you’d have to wait until we hit the 3 month free agent period (in roughly 5 weeks real time) in order to start, as everyone needs to be on the same free agent cycle (for simplicity’s sake).


What’s the roster you used to draft from?


We used DJKM’s old school packs, plus stuff like Wikipedia or Cagewars for guys that weren’t included in DJKM’s packs.

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