Move Renaming Guide (WIP)


Figured I’d port this over here since some people don’t visit CC anymore.


hey, didn’t know you were on here as well!


I’m everywhere!

Craziej2k also set up a Google Spreadsheet that’s is really awesome. We’re working on a really bad ass rename guide. Just you fucking wait!


Or, even better, go to

craziej2k set up this awesome spreadsheet and we’re slowly but surely working on populating move renames, giving you the choice of just fixing the wonky-ass English translations, going for Wikia style proper names, or gimmick names from your favorite wrestler. In some cases, like the Camel Clutch or the Apron Springboard moonsault, we’re trying to give American, Mexican, European, or Japanese naming styles. Same with different martial arts. Thanks to maikeru and Senator, I’ve got some stuff listed as Karate, Judo, or Boxing.


The rename guide has gotten pretty in-depth. Lots of spelling/grammar fixes, better or more accurate names, Americanized names for Japanese moves, foreign launguage names, more accurate martial arts names. It’s become fairly bigly. Craziej did all the legwork setting up the doc, then we’ve both been filling in move names like mad. Lots of help from the community too. (And maikeru’s Returns move translation guide.)