Move importer struggle


Will post in here gonna try one last time then give up on it.I grabbed a few move bytes from wakamaze channel.Used the move importer to get a move into my 1.02 game.I also uninstall a few of the movepack moves.The move i import shows up in the game and i give i to an edit and save.But when i close the game next time i start up the new move no longer exists and the ones i uninstall reappear.Any help appreciated as i really like some of these moves you guys make and im sure theres plenty more too come and it sucks i cant get them in my game.Many thanks


I posted a more recent MoveImporter.dll file that fixes this issue for most people. It’s available here:

See if that fixes your issue.


Thanks Carl will give it a go


Just checked and i already had that importer so fuck knows where im going wrong,


I have probably done something obvious wrong.Is this how it should be?Thanks


Does your log file say anything in particular?


Sorry man thats means nothing to me im very new to doing anything other than watching youtube on my laptop haha


What am i missing.Why is it in my game but then not after i restart like its no saving.Driving me nuts


Are you SURE you had that version of the importer? They don’t change names or anything when I make updates…so just because it LOOKS like you have the same thing, doesn’t mean you actually have the same thing internally. The no-save problem is something I was made aware of and fixed…so my guess is that you don’t actually have the version of the importer I posted.


Ok man will download and switch them out and give it a try.Will let you know how it goes


Think im getting there i had not put in the more recent move importer.Managed to import one move so far but the other one im trying is saying unable to load now.Carl said something about the load data but i think that was something to do with the movepack moves which are still in the game thankfully.The move thats unable to load was loading before when i was trying just not saving.This game is stressing me out and im not even playing it yet :joy:Thanks for your help Carl


Hey Carl im still messing with the move importer.The load times and screen freezing is brutal since i got it up but it looks like the moves im importing are saving at last.Would the long load times be because i have the move importer and movepack Mods both patched in?I have the load data from my movepacks that you mentioned.What do i need to do with it in regards of the importer?Will i have to reassign all the movepack moves to my edits if i do this?Sorry if this is completely wrong excuse my ignorance.Thanks