Move importer help


can anyone help with the new move importer tool please?No idea how to use it and get the custom moves back in my game.Many thanks


Are you asking specifically how to import bytes in general, using the importer? If so I have a tutorial coming in the next day or two that should help. But if you search carl’s discord #waka_maze-questions channel, you could find my “barebones import guide” or something like that using search. :+1:


You need a LoadOrder.dat file if you’re switching over from the MovePack

I don’t have a LoadOrder.dat file with all the MovePack moves on it any longer, so I can’t share mine, but I’m sure someone does.


I’m in the middle of grabbing 1.02, and (assuming my dumbass can figure out how to make everything work) I’m really looking forward to a Moves Tutorial. I had all the ready-made move packs, but once Spike outlawed fun, I was never able to figure out how to add the new stuff I saw in the chat.


Thanks for the tips guys.Got the movepack moves into my person who wears an eyepatch and has a parrot version.Just need to learn how to import some ot the other cool moves you genius people make now.


So im still not able to get the dowloaded moves from the wakamaze channel to stay in my game.They load in i give them to an edit uninstall a few moves.But when i boot up the game again none of the changes stick new moves not there ones i uninstalled are back.Is it to do with this loadorder thing?


Where can I get a loadorder.dat file?