More Match Types (For Build 2.0)


Removed the Elimination Match type and corrected an issue where Timed Tornado Tags weren’t working.


Are the Sumo rules going to be making the jump over too?


Nah, they seemed pretty niche and I ran into some issues trying to move them over initially.


Damn. Looks like all my Sumo will be making the move to MMA. Maybe a stat boost is in order.


If you can live with sumo matches in a normal wrestling ring, I can bring it back. I didn’t think anyone else used the mode, so I wasn’t going to bother.


Hit me up when you have a few…I’ll walk you through converting the ring changes.


I have a question for the timed tornado tag: To have the WarGames style it would be great if you can set up match ending only by submission. But i noticed although i set “only give up” in the in-game match settings, the timed tornado tag “activates” pinfalls after all participants have entered… Is it possible to change that properly?


Yes, that can be fixed.