More Match Types (For Build 2.0)


This mod presents users with a number of new match types for use in Fire Pro Wrestling World; most types allow you to either sim or play the match as you wish.

Match Types Available
Iron Man (4 v 4, B)
First Blood (4 v 4, B)
Limited Elimination (4 v 4 B)
Timed Tornado Tag (4 v 4, B)
UWFI (4 v 4, B)
Pancrase (1 v 1, B)
Boxing & Kick Boxing (1 v 1, B)

1 v 1 - Works with singles matches only.
4 v 4 - Works with teams of up to 4 members each.
∞ v ∞ - Allows teams composed of an “unlimited” number of players.
2 v ∞ - Allows a team of up to 2 vs an “unlimited” number of players.
S - A mode that only allows simulation.
B - A mode that allows either playing or simulation

Boxing & Kick Boxing
As an acknowledgement for Senator’s work on his boxing edits, I’ve added a new mode(s); be sure to thank him and check his boxing collection.
This mode aims to extend the boxing & kick boxing rule-set presented in the vanilla S-1 mode by adding the following additions:

  1. Fouls - It is now possible for a fighter to attempt fouls/illegal moves against his opponent. When a move that isn’t a Chop, Punch or Palm attack (or Kick for Kick boxing) is executed, then based on Discretion the fighter has a chance to execute a foul; the referee then needs to roll to determine if he sees or calls the foul. After a certain number of fouls have been called (based on the referee’s Foul Count, where longer counts lead to shorter total fouls) the fighter will be disqualified.
    Alternatively, if the fighter executes a move in the DQ Moves list (editable by the player), the referee will disqualify him immediately.

  2. Doctor Stoppages - It is now possible for the referee to end a match if he fears for the safety of a fighter. When a fighter is forced to bleed multiple times in a match, then depending on the referee’s Involvement level (higher Involvement leads to a more cautious referee) he will end the match.
    In addition, Headbutt and Elbow attacks now have an increased chance to force an opponent to bleed and are less likely to be called as a foul (to simulate situations where dirty attacks are used in a clinch). This should allow you to create different styles of fighters who aim to win cleanly, or through rough tactics to force a stoppage.

  3. Showboating - It is now possible for fighters to show boat after knocking down an opponent. Based on the fighter’s Showmanship, he will execute a random taunt while the opponent is standing up from a knock down; this action will also result in a small spirit boost to the fighter.

Download Link is below:

Installation instructions can be found here.


This is great news, thanks View!


Just a warning that it’s going to be limited in comparison to the “official” version. After poking around, I can confirm that Survival Road and Extended Elimination won’t be returning.


Understandable. Any chance for the EGO (mainly the Edit search & load) or did much change?


A limited version of Ego will be released as well. Should be able to fix the edit search for 2.0.


Awesome. Thanks for even taking the time to look into it, much appreciated


This is fantastic news. I miss my 8 man KO-fests in the dodecagon and Royal Rumbles so much


This has nothing to do with Royal Rumble or multiman dodecagon matches.

You can have eight man matches in the base game, and the chance of Real Royal Rumbles returning is essentially nil.


Oh I was thinking with him saying the MMO stuff was relatively easy to adapt that meant those features would be coming back :frowning: And unless I just can’t figure out I don’t think you can put more than 2 in the dodecagon without MMO


Yeah, wrong mod. This isn’t MMO.


Thanks View. The 2.0 build needs all the help it can get.


Believe me, I’ve noticed. After being forced to use Spike’s clunky solution for modelling new edits, the Ego selection component just got pushed to the top of the priority queue.


Oh, drag. I got it mixed up :frowning:


Will first blood and ironman be in the mod? would love to have those.


If you need my help testing just say so.


Yes, Ironman and First Blood will be returning.


Mod is going up shortly.


Time to test it up!

Looking forward to it.


This is the final release, testing won’t make a difference. At this point, if something doesn’t work I suggest uninstalling and going without the mod features.


Removed references to missing DLLs, which could cause the game to crash.