More Match Types (For Build 1.02) [COMPLETE]


Needs more barbed wire.



Feel free to make a barbed wire punch, and set it in the illegal move column. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking a barbed wire glove honestly, and it made me think, a custom texture with glass on taped up fists, and a mod that turns all punches to bleed could possibly replicate a Taipei deathmatch.

Random thought is all.


Punches getting increased bleed chance sounds like a good idea for “Blood sport” or something.


It really does. Sometimes I just ponder how this game can have every match to ever.

Custom coal miners glove for example, barbed wire fists, stuff like that would be cool.


Should have Boxing up tonight. I’ll throw in a World of Sport mode as well, just to one-up the 2.0 release. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck Spoke and their 2.0 shenanigans.


Thanks to Civ eating away all my time without noticing, the release has been pushed back to Sunday.


Added Boxing, I’ll do World of Sport later during the week.

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