More Match Types (For Build 1.02) [COMPLETE]


This mod presents users with a number of new match types for use in Fire Pro Wrestling World. Most types allow you to either sim or play the match as you wish, and I’ll be adding to this collection over time.

Current Match Types Available
Iron Man (4 v 4, B)
First Blood (4 v 4, B)
Limited Elimination (4 v 4, B)
Extended Elimination (∞ v ∞, S)
Sumo (4 v 4, B)
UWFI (4 v 4, B)
Pancrase (1 v 1, B)
Survival Road (2 v ∞, B)
Boxing (1 V 1, B)

1 v 1 - Works with singles matches only.
4 v 4 - Works with teams of up to 4 members each.
∞ v ∞ - Allows teams composed of an “unlimited” number of players.
2 v ∞ - Allows a team of up to 2 vs an “unlimited” number of players.
S - A mode that only allows simulation.
B - A mode that allows either playing or simulation

Download Link

First Blood, Iron Man and Uwfi match types were built using Carl’s tutorials. I suggest that anyone who may be interested in modding check them out.


What is Survival Road?


It’s a version of the survival mode from King of The Coliseum 2. You choose a team of one or two wrestlers (one can be a second) and fight against a wave of random opponents; you determine what the opponent pool will be.
You fight against these opponents in continual matches, where damage carries over after every win but you’re team’s health is refreshed after every loss.
My idea was to provide a mode where you’re working towards a win streak or high average match rating before the final match is complete/final continue is used; the results screen will track your progress as well.
It’s possible to play as a wrestler or second, or just sim the entire thing and watch.
I want to include functionality to save your individual runs so you can refer to them over multiple sessions.


So a Gauntlet Match?


Basically, yes a Gauntlet match.


So, I want to try something different for this site. Let’s have an open discussion on mods that I’m currently working on; I wouldn’t mind getting some suggestions and feedback before the final versions are released.

Currently, I’ve been speaking with BozoSama about a boxing mode which aims to expand the current S-1 match type into a more fleshed out style of boxing.
I’ve added a foul system, where edits are allowed to perform non-boxing moves with a chance of drawing a foul from the referee (depends on the referee); also, certain moves will disqualify the opponent outright (such as weapon attacks). After this is completed, I want to work on including doctor stoppages where the referee will check an edit after a level of bleeding has been caused (there are multiple levels of bleeding) and, depending on the referee, determine if the fight should continue or result in a stoppage.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


That boxing mod sounds great. I’d assume biting would be a dq (hi Mike Tyson), but I hope there’s leniency on headbutts.

Also you mentioned tracking individual runs in survival mode, and I think that would be really cool. It was the first thing I thought of when I read the mod.

Keep up the great work view!


It’s similar to the Pancrase & UWFi match types, where you can manipulate a list of instant DQ moves. I have it defaulting to the obvious moves like Mist, Weapon Attacks, Low Blows, but you could definitely put biting into it.

Also, the actual execution of fouls is tied to an edit’s discretion, so edits with lower discretion are more likely to foul instead of performing the standard clinch.
And then there’s a roll to determine if the referee even calls the foul (didn’t see it, paid off, you’re using Mario Yamasaki, etc), with a referee-specific threshold to determine how many fouls are enough before he just disqualifies an edit.

So, you could have an edit with low discretion (dirty boxer) using cheap moves like headbutts in a fight where the referee is constantly ignoring the fouls. The crowd won’t like it though. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of these days I need to play something other than a deathmatch, these sound really fun.


Love the concept. Not a huge boxing fan IRL so I don’t know that I’d have much to add idea-wise, but I’m always up for a new way to play/sim. I think the biggest thing for me would be can you cause energy to drain from over-using strikes? That would be (rope-a) dope.

I dream of the day when I learn to mod and create a kayfabe version of MOTW where territories invade each other, heels put bounties on the faces (tied to your injury mod of course), faces demand 5 minutes with the manager if they win, etc.


So, I have what should be the final rule set for this mode.

  1. Fouls
    a) Punch, Chop and Palm moves are legal. Elbows and Headbutts have a bonus to being undetected, Illegal attacks are more likely to be detected, while all other categories are treated normally.
    b) Any standing strike that isn’t a Punch, Chop or Palm move is always called by the referee as a foul.
    c) Depending on a boxer’s discretion and their actual move set + logic, the game will roll to determine if a foul is committed. When a foul is committed, the game will roll against the referee’s Foul Count setting to determine if he calls the foul. After a certain number of fouls have been committed (again, based on the referee’s Foul Count setting), a boxer will be disqualified.
    d) Certain moves, designated by the player, will result in an instant disqualification.
    e) Any fouls that knock out an opponent will result in the fight being given a “No Contest” or “Disqualification” result. The referee determines which is required, based on his Foul Count setting and the number of previous fouls committed.
    f) When an Illegal move (low blow, etc) is executed, the defending boxer will roll depending on their current Spirit level. If the roll is failed, the fighter is immediately knocked out. To balance this out, Illegal moves have a much higher chance of being called by the referee which would result in a “No Contest” or “Disqualification”.

  2. Doctor Stoppages
    a) Based on the referee’s Involvement setting, he will call for a doctor examination once a boxer’s bleeding level has passed beyond a certain level. Any further moves that cause the boxer to bleed will then result in a doctor stoppage, leading to that boxer’s loss.
    b) In order to simulate corner men, after each round the boxers will have a chance to reduce their bleeding level depending on their Recovery (While Bleeding) setting.

  3. Show Boating
    a) Based on a boxer’s Showmanship level, the game will roll after each knockdown to determine if the boxer taunts his opponent. This action will also give the boxer a small spirit boost, equivalent to a signature taunt.
    b) The taunt executed will be randomly selected from the boxer’s collection of taunts.


This sounds fun and now I need to download Lennox Lewis.


Check Senator’s collection.


Will be interesting to get the edit now with the 2.0 debacle. I’m slowly getting there though.


Do you still plan to make the legal/illegal lists editable? I can see an Inoki/Ali match where we need kicks but not throws/grapples. :slight_smile:


I added a Kick-boxing option, so players can use the rules in either Boxing or Kick-boxing matches. Should allow you to have a legit Inoki/Ali match.


Will the kickboxing rules work in a deathmatch? Simulate early FMW boys with Onita vs martial artists.


Probably? I haven’t tried them outside of S-1, but they aren’t tied to that mode.


Great idea @View619 - those rule-sets sound like terrific fun


Boxing rule-set is nearing completion, should be able to release sometime this weekend.
Also, I’ll update the existing Pancrase & UWFI modes to take advantage of the updates.