[MOD] MotW - A card booking/promotion tracking tool for 1.02


This allows you to book and run entire cards. It allows for interview segments with custom scriptsand death matches in arenas that are not Big Garden.



This doesn’t appear to be the right version. It’s about 30k smaller than the last one on Discord and this one doesn’t include the interview features (I was trying it to see if it would fix my mList conflict)


The files linked here are the public releases.

The version you are speaking of was released as a test version and has not been pushed to public release because of the DLC/Update.


You might want to edit the original post then.


Good looking out, I’ll fix it.


I’m 2.5 days behind on Discord but if I may ask here… are you planning to continue work on MOTW at this time, or will it be de-prioritized in lieu of your other projects (all of which are very appreciated, especially the tutorial on getting moves from 2.0 to 1.02).


Yeah, it’s still being worked on…I need to make sure the roll-back process is working, and all that, and then I’ll start testing the latest version of MotW again.


Cool! I may have to work on some generic interview scripts first then. Let me know if I can help any with testing/the mList conflict.


Test version, which included interviews and non-big garden death matches, pushed to public release. This version also fixes the conflict between MotW interviews and the MoveList mod.

Link is in the first post.