[MOD] DLCMove Export/Import


Been trying to work this out, followed the instructions a number of times. Kinda at a loss, and usually when I find myself here it’s because I’m missing something super obvious that I somehow got twisted. Here’s some details that might expose my error to somebody who knows what they are doing.

I have 175 items total in my DLCMoves folder. Renamed them to remove the UABE text. Tried both renamed and raw out of UABE, same result.

I don’t have a cracked copy of the game, just my backup (my exe is dated 4/25/18). So I’ve been extracting from 2.0 which is in the Steam folder, importing to my 1.02 folder on my desktop, and then swapping them to patch/play.

When I patch, the console window’s last line says “DLC framework updater mod could not be found, patching the rest though” this happens real quick and the console window closes.

Anybody see a red flag here? Thanks.


Im honestly not sure, but I was having a hard time for like two days and then i realized i was missing a file called “FPWMoveImporter.dll”. Do you have this specific file? Not to be confused with “ImportDLCMoves”.


I do not have that file. Where did you find it?

nvm found it! Here goes…worked!

Thank you!


You’re welcome. Glad i could help as others have helped me. Maybe Carl should put in the instructions that we need that file. Some of us wouldn’t know if we don’t snoop around enough lol.


Yeah, I’d never used the custom moves before, but probably most others did and it just wasn’t an issue for them.


Please help! got this after i followed everything


image is broken cousin


fixed now anyway :slight_smile: got some help from carl


List of new moves that came out after carls original post thanks to Takuan over on the discord.

Message from Carl
you need to rerip and reimport the fprforms_rff file EVERY TIME THEY ADD MOVES


Okay, I’ve gotta ask something about these new numbers - why aren’t the INFO files appearing for them when I use the exporter?


I can use this guide to install these moves in my 2.0. or even 2.03?


Why? If you’re using 2.0 or 2.03 what use would this be?

The guide is completely pointless if you’re not using 1.02


and there will be a future guide on how to set motion on 2+?



You can not create moves on 2.0 the feature was straight removed. Moves created on 1.02 can still be imported though, and a guide already exists on how to do that…


I do not understand, that is, there are no options to put additional movements on all versions except 1.02?


There is.

There’s a guide for it here on this site.


could you please give a link to the manual?


I don’t have it on hand, it’s on the site somewhere, you should be able to find it just as easily as I could.